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FHIVENANCE Report #000140

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On 20 May, I decided to introduce the price of HIVE circulating on the Polygon network.

Before starting, a little background:
with “HBD” I am talking about Hive Based Dollar
with “HIVE” I am talking about HIVE token
with “Hive” I am talking about the Hive blockchain
with “HP” I am talking about Hive Power
with “Polygon HIVE” I am talking about HIVE token on the Polygon network.

The exchange rate is lower for HIVE, lower for HBD, and lower for Polygon HIVE, considering the previous day (even if here we don't consider the various fluctuations that could occur within each single day). To know more, I invite you to deepen with graphs offered by various third-party services.

The value of HIVE, HBD and Polygon HIVE that you find in the image below has been taken according to the exchange rate found on Coingecko platform at 8.51 AM about, UTC+2, on June 30, 2022, and was quantified using the USD (United States Dollar).

The other data below: today's report was drawn up with the transcripts taken between 23.00 and 23.30 about on June 29, 2022 (UTC+2).
In the table below, you can find all the useful values. I hope they turn out to be quite understandable.

Currently, the variations in my balance (in HIVE, HBD, and HIVE POWER) are due to various delegations to curation projects operating on Hive. Currently, the share in HIVE POWER delegated by my @davidesimoncini account amounts approximately to:

Today, the report ends here. I hope I was clear, and I will give you an appointment in the next few days to have access to new data.

Greetings by the Fhivenance project!


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