The battle challenge of Splinterlands game has arrived again. I am a player who tries to compete regularly in battle challenge and social media challenge of splinterlands game. Whenever I have time, whenever I get a chance, I usually participate in these challenges. It has been about a year now.

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For today, we will enter the battle using MYCELIC INFANTRY. In this battle post, you should describe your battle and card selection for this battle, the strengths and weaknesses of the cards used. In particular, I have to tell you about MYCELIC INFANTRY. I will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of MYCELIC INFANTRY and why I like this card.

  • MYCELIC INFANTRY earth element is a good card. Currently, I only have level 1 cards, so in this battle, I only use level 1 cards. MYCELIC INFANTRY is a card with 3 melee attacks instead of a rare card. It is a card that should be placed in the tank position because it has shield ability. Also includes 3 Armor and 7 health. Speed ​​is only 1, so the attack speed will be slow. With melee as an attack and no ability like sneak, you won't be able to fight in the second position of the battle at the end. If MYCELIC INFANTRY is used in battle, it can only be used as a tanker in the first place of the battle. It's undeniably a good tank card because of its 3 strong melee attacks and armor. Mana cost is 8, so it can be said that it is high. You should use caution in the Battle type where Mana usage is low.

Battle theme

For this battle, the use of mana is low. Only 17 MANA was allowed to be used. This is less for a BATTLE, but I like the kind of battle where I play with less MANA. Today's mana was 4 mana for OBSIDIAN, 8 mana for MYCELIC INFANTRY, 4 mana for GOBLIN THIEF and 1 mana for CHAOS AGENT.


OBSIDIAN is used as a summoner, and it is a good summoner for the earth unit. The attackers with his Magic attack will increase their magic attack. But this match did not include cards that use magic attack.


  • In this competition, the enemy on the other hand played using only the Earth element. We used the same thing, but the summoner was different. The battle was easy to win at the start. I had to fight for 3 battle rounds, and after round 3, my side won. My cards were not lost. But I lost all the enemy cards, so I won this battle.

When I played the battle and won, I replayed it and took a screenshot of the battle. Also, my battle video link will continue to be shared below. If you like my battle, you can continue to watch the battle video, and I hope you will upvote and support my battle challenge. Battle video is listed below.


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