Do good to others and it will come back to you in an unexpected way


Life is full of up and down and it is that moment of down that we can be useful to people around us, two weeks ago i made a post about not having electricity in my area and till now still no light but i didn't wait long before i bought a brand new generator since i can't do anything without electricity, i need to charge my gadget...

One good thing i did was letting people charge their phone free of charge because normally as a shop owner i should be collecting money from them for coming to charge and even some will ask me how much but i only do reply them with the statement, 'it is for free'ge

So what actually happen was that on getting to the shop to switch on the generator, it refuse to start up, then i remember i had an issue with the socket yesterday which might have cause a damage to the generator itself, why still thinking of what to do, some of those who normally came to charge are already gathering to ask me what happen and within a jiffy, a gen repairer who used to be my student also came along to repair the gen for me, i tried to give him money but he refused saying he can't collect money for helping me..

All what happened just kinda make me feel good, like people are ready to support me in my time of needs and that was because i have been good to them in their time of needs too, if i have been collecting money from them and this happen, i doubt anyone of them will feel concerned but yea i didn't and they offered me their support too...

It just make me want to help more people, i never expected anything from anyone but i get what i deserve for helping, no act of kindness goes unrewarded, start showing kindness to people around you, spread love and you will be amazed how you have made people believe kindness is something they need to do too..