---SPS 2022 GOAL CLOSE----Trying to get back on the posting horse, as painful as it might be-- Saturday Savers Club! Week #13 June 25, 2022


Welcome back to another edition of the Saturday Savers club. Please remember everything that follows is an account of my situation and my opinions, and are not financial advice. Today I am happy to report substantial progress towards my end goal for 2022 of:

- 5000 Hive Power, 200,000 SPS, 50 EDSM staked, 100 EDS, and 300 SPI.

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  • Accumulation needed to achieve goal Based on estimate of 30 days/month, 40 weeks for 10 months for 2022:

1. Hive Power--357.8 per month=====89.45 per week===== 11.92 per day
2. SPS--------6,494.5 per month=====1623.625 per week===== 216.48 per day
3. EDSM------- 4.4 per month=====1.1 per week=====0.147 per day
4. EDS----- 9.877 per month=====2.469 per week=====0.329 per day
5. SPI----- 24.717 per month=====6.179 per week=====0.8239 per day

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=====Where Did this Journey Begin=====?

- As of March 3rd 2022 when I set my 2022 goals, these were my balances:
Hive Power-- 1,421
EDSM------- 6
EDS----- 1
SPI----- 53
  • Below will be a long personal message from and about me feel free to skip if you are just into the numbers.
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  • Before I begin my update, let me please share with you more details of what is happening in my life and why I have been super M.I.A. on the hive blockchain the past month or so. If you read my last post you would have possibly discovered that I have been having a problem medically(possibly because I was drunk while writing it and in terrible pain), interestingly enough, I even had gotten my own diagnosis wrong, it was not epididymitis, but in fact called a bilateral varicoceles*.

  • This condition affects a very sensitive part of my body, my testicles. Which in and of itself is hard to talk about to people, it is quite embarrassing to me, I dont know why. In the end, I hope this will be nothing more then a shift in my consciousness, to appreciate every moment in life, and not let anything be taken for granted.

  • I also encourage all the men reading to check themselves once a month because if caught early, testicular cancer is not a terminal diagnosis unless it has time to spread to other parts of your body. Also the same goes for my lady readers, self exams of your breasts for lumps on a regular basis is a great way to love yourself and care about your future.

  • Caring about yourself and your health, physically, mentally, and spiritually is the highest form of healthy self love. Use your body, grow your mind, and nurture your spirit as often as possible, and realize that even if we attain the glory of becoming a centenarian (someone 100 or more years old), that 100 years pales in comparison to the life of a bristlecone pine tree or the formation of oil you possibly used to power your car or perhaps heat your home in recent history.

  • When I was in college I use to live by a latin term called "Carpe Diem" or seize the day, I guess in a way that was my own personal equivalent to the phrase "YOLO" which is ironic because "You only live once" is exactly what I said to people when they asked me what Carpe Diem meant! Perhaps I am responsible for the genesis of YOLO in some sick twisted way, or maybe not! fun conspiracy theory. The meaning is golden wisdom though, timeless wisdom. For as it is written in Genesis "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

  • We will all die one day, as they say, death and taxes are perhaps the only two certainties we face in this reality. Accepting ones own mortality, although scary for all of us to consider as individuals, remember that this is a normal reaction. All living beings are driven primarily by survival, and then the next priority would be procreation.

  • But when we tackle this scary subject, and accept that we will die, truly accept it. At first we experience fear, all the things undone, people we want to talk to or things we want to say to them. Regrets possibly too. Rejoice, you have now told yourself what things you need to accomplish as soon as possible, and the people you need to seek out and talk to and or spend time with as soon and often as possible.

  • A certain clarity, oneness, peace, and acceptance of life, the universe, yourself, your family and loves ones, will follow as you embark with a passion and persistence to do the things that truly matter to you, and most importantly nurture your soul. You will possibly realize getting a certain amount of money isnt important, just enough to be sure you can do whatever you want to do and not have to worry about your bills.

  • You might realize you dont need a lambo, or a rolex, or a model at your side. You will realize the lambo and rolex will attract that hot model who does not value you as a person but instead values your money or the lifestyle or objects you can provide her, resulting in a life that is devoid of meaning and love. A life that will collapse if the money runs out. You will realize the man or woman perhaps in your past or present who loved and cared for you, supported you being a family person, and your goals will result in a life of eternal happiness.

  • Just maybe, or maybe im dreaming, or full of it. Thats probably it right? Well I have experienced all these things, and I can tell you my girlfriend, and soulmate @pynutbater is not the most beautiful woman I have ever been with physically, but she is the most beautiful soul I have ever encountered on this planet. She was in debt and seemed to not remember what she said to me an hour earlier or what she had done the day before. I saw the kindness and love in her heart, and after spending time with her, I noticed she was a workaholic and never slept, literally she would only sleep 2 or 3 hours a day without any stimulants.

  • I realized her lack of sleep affected her mental functions and memory, I fought with her for months and finally convinced her to get more sleep, and now she sleeps more than me. During the time in between then and now, her mind has grown and developed in an amazing fashion and I respect her brain as an equal, just with less knowledge and time, but her abilities for memory and synthesis have grown like a rocket.

  • Since we met, she decided she wanted to live a healthy lifestyle with me and we began exercising together and eating healthy together. She has been losing weight and now drives me crazy in terms of physical attraction. Dont get me wrong, I was always physically attracted to her, but if she looked like she did now, I would have been very intimidated and probably misjudged her as a person. In my experience, the better looking the person I interact with, whether man or woman, on average tends to feel superior to other people. Exceptions have been people who were overweight and had recently lost weight, this type of person has been the nicest people ive seemed to meet in my life, something about being undesirable and becoming super desirable, gives you perspective on dating.

  • Since we met, she went from 20,000 USD in debt to being debt free and having assets over 2x what her old debt was, in just 3 years of being together and her adopting some of my financial habits and rules. She did this herself, after learning. She owns stocks, crypto, has a side business, a 401k, a roth. 3 years ago she had none of those, except debt and approximate 25% of her after tax take home pay went to pay minimum payments on credit cards. The epitomy of the rat race, and with guidance and fortitude she has gone from the lower tiers of financial status to be in the top 50% if not higher in terms of household wealth.

  • The moral of my story is, dont desire anything because tv, society, or another person told you its good for your or going to make you happy. Ask yourself, what will truly make you happy, what do you truly desire and what do you actually truly need, and then ask yourself what are the best ways to make yourself happy and get/do what you actually desire. Once you get your personal situation in order, you can choose to do as I do and help guide other people into the light whenever possible.
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    =====HIVE POWER=====

At my last update, a month ago, I had achieved 10,511 Hive Power (Staked Hive).

As of today, I have 11,495 Hive Power. An increase of almost 1000 hive over the month.

The current hive price is $0.408 USD per hive. Hive has fallen an additional 8 cents since we last spoke, but that is deceiving because the price went as low as $0.32 USD per hive during the time we last spoke. It looks to have bottomed and is back on the rise. General crypto lead by bitcoin and eth seem to be on the rebound. In addition stocks look to have bottomed, I have acquired quite a lot of stocks in the past 2 months after being a large net seller of stocks from may 2021 to april 2022. The risk-reward has changed for the securities I follow, so I did a 180, like all good investors. Remove emotion, create decision trees for your outcomes where you are happy with any potential outcome, and become what I call price indifferent.

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My SPS staked has mostly stayed the same, at 181,218 for most of my past posts. As prices have changed, my recent stance has been to begin acquiring and staking my SPS in the past month resulting in a net increase of 14,596 SPS. This brings my total staked SPS to 195,814!!!! SPS price is currently 0.057 USD per SPS.

Only 4186 Staked SPS away from my 2022 SPS GOAL!!!!

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EDSM----- 100
EDSMM-- 265
EDS--------- 9.3

  • The EDS token came out with a new miner as you can see called EDSMM, and I bought and staked 265 of them for a total investment of 265 hive. OG EDSM miner stake unchanged. EDS token minor increase of about 2 tokens since last update (many were sold in a price spike).

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Dhedge-32,057 (New Total-34,869) Added 2812 Dhedge
Utopis-446.8 staked (New Total-679) Added 232.2 Utopis
Index-514.3 (New Total-584.3) Added 70 Index
Bro -2.2 (New Total- 3.29) Added 1.09 Bro
Helios-0 (New Total-76) Added 76
Cartel-100 (New Total-107.25) Added 7.25 Cartel
LBI-562 (New Total-868.5) Added 306.5 LBI
SPI-5.1 (New Total-2.63) Sold 2.47 SPI

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Never forget the admonishments of the late Baron Rothschild and remember to always Buy when there is blood on the streets, even if it is your own!!. Once you accomplish that, seize the rest of your day and give love and appreciation to those who support you and most importantly, those who dont have anyone to support them. Karma is real. More blessings to you.

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  • Make savings a regular habit. Start small, but Start Today! The earlier you start, the more time you have for your money to compound and the less you have to put in. Best wishes everyone!

  • See you for the next update on my savings progress next Saturday!

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