Siddheshwar Mahadev temple 🕌

Hey guys how are you I think you all are good and healthy.
I think you all are posting in hive so keep posting and earn lots of hive.
my today post is about Lord Shiva temple which is located in Uttarakhand Almora.
Location -near Eco Park Almora
The name of Lord Shiva temple is Siddheshwar Mahadev which is located in the middle of forest.
This temple is about 5 kilometre away from my home.
yesterday morning me and my friend go to the Temple by bike.
In this Temple there is a peace where you enjoy yourself.
If there is a peace there is happiness.
In this Temple I feel very good and it gives me happiness and lots of positive thoughts in my mind.
This temple is built around 30-40 year ago.
I ask about the temple to the temple Pujari.
Temple location height is about 2000 metre altitude.
This temple situated in the top of their near places.
If you come Almora then you also visit this place.
There are too many local area where you can visit at that time.
If you enjoy the mountains and hill station then you will arrive here and enjoy this location.




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