I Found Space At M+ (and Furnitures & Sculptures)


May 26, 2023

M+ definitely is the house of global artists. It is packed with creative works and interesting exhibitions that change seasonally. You probably have read my blogs about some art exhibitions held by certain artists in different art galleries inside this enormous museum. If not, then you can check the blogs at the bottom of this article.

Found Space

I've been to this area, Cultural District, where the museum is located several times and I would often peek at what's on the B2 Floor, the Found Space, as there are always interesting artwork displays. The major projects exhibited in this museum are being displayed in this space.

Since the opening of the museum in 2021, I already have seen two of the major projects displayed in the Found Space.

The first one was the Round Table-Side by Side by Chen Zhen, a Chinese French artist who is into sculptures and installations. Her Round Table project may look ordinary as you first spotted it, just like what I feel, but as you look at it from a different angle, you realize how artistic it has been placed in the Found Space.

Two tables were joined and placed side by side suspended in the middle of the space with chairs placed in different positions — some placed upright while some turned upside-down — and they seemed to have been clipped into the table. They are like floating when seeing from a lower angle.

Another project displayed on the Found Space was the Death of a Nerve by Yayoi Kusama, a renowned Japanese artist. It was during the autumn season last year when I revisited the museum and saw this exhibition. My first impression of it was rather hilarious. Who would make hanging ropes as an art?

Ropes were hung from the ceiling to the floor in different heights while others were suspended on the ground and placed like a wiggling worm or snake. It was hard to understand the meaning of this exhibition but after reading the information about it, those ropes are actually a representation of the artist's agitated state of mind during a certain period. These aren't ordinary ropes but fabrics painted with polka dots and sewed by hand by Kusama.

They are seemingly intertwining or draining nerves of agitated mind and the dots are like blood clots that indicate sickness. Along with the polka dot ropes were the giant pumpkins displayed at the atrium by the same artist. She seems to be a fan of polka dots as all of her exhibitions were covered by dots.

M+ Furniture and Sculptures

Inside this museum are 33 art galleries. Just imagine how huge it is. Some galleries house different furniture and sculptures by different artists from all parts of the world. Some are made from wood, rattan, bamboo, upholstery, nylon, wires, metals, and others that were artistically formed.

Some galleries also exhibit artwork depicting the Chinese people's daily lifestyle.

Some architectures are also creatively sculptured from wood materials.

The laborious process made by the artists of making these pieces are truly admirable. These furniture and other displays, by the way, are for sale. You can check the M+ Shop in case you are interested.

Feel free to read about other exhibitions in this museum here:

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