Calm Reservoir Water on a Cloudy Afternoon

One day I put myself to visit a reservoir in my village and this is a reservoir that was built about 10 years ago after this reservoir was completed it can hold a lot of water and is used as irrigation for people's rice fields that day I rode a motorcycle went to this reservoir after until I saw the scenery in this reservoir in the afternoon it was very quiet there was no one else in the reservoir after that I went to a house called the sluice house from here I took pictures of the scenery in this reservoir I saw the water in this reservoir very much in the day and the sun in the afternoon was avoided by not being too bright.

And I used my cellphone and took several photos including this sluice house and the water in the reservoir, even though this is not big but it can be a place for recreation in the afternoon and to relax in the afternoon.

After this reservoir was finished a lot of people visited to enjoy the scenery in this reservoir as well as a place for fishing because many people fished in this place and there were also a lot of fish in this reservoir that day I didn't see the anglers who were there. usually in the assembly in the middle of the reservoir but on the far edge there are anglers but I can't take pictures because using cellphones if we approach at the end we can see there are some anglers.

But if the dry season the water of this reservoir will recede and if the rainy season this reservoir will have a lot of water and can add to the beauty of the reservoir and when I came to this reservoir during the dry season a few months ago the water seemed to decrease although not too much but still I can see the beauty of the scenery in the reservoir. I also saw that the water in the reservoir was very calm that day.

I took some photos and took the time to take a selfie above this sluice house and that's what I wrote and some photos from me in posts on the Nature Lovers community, thank you for your attention, Have a nice day, see you next time.

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