Pine forest and its diversity

In the aspect of our lives, trees make a full contribution to maintaining the stability of air, water, and all the diversity on earth. All the diversity of living things on earth requires the existence trees. Be it the types of trees that grow naturally in the forest, or the trees that we plant in the surrounding environment, or the types of trees that grow on the coast. Basically, the existence of trees is very beneficial for the environment and life.

A few days ago I tried to explore the pine forest on the coast, this is a pine forest area that was planted en masse a few years ago. The trees are still very new and the trees are not very tall.

If trees in protected forests or trees that grow in mountainous areas, act as water reservoirs or stabilizing water discharge, converting toxic gas emissions into fresh air for us to breathe and also trees that grow in protected forests or in the mountains as a place to live for various types of animals.

Not so different from this type of tree. Pine trees planted on the coast also provide great benefits, one of which is to prevent abrasion and erosion of the beach, to withstand strong winds blowing from the coast, to guard good air cycles and also as a place to live for a variety of animal and plant diversity.

Even though this pine forest is still new, eing felt and it has a very good impact on the environment.

There is a wide diversity of animals and plants that exist and grow in this pine forest. There are so many and of course we will spend a lot of time to find out everything.

There is a lot that can be found in a pine forest, both from plant species and animal species. Most of what I get, I don't know it and don't know what the name of this plant is.

It seems to be a type of flower plant, an inedible fruit plant. Yeah, let's just say it's a cool open petal.

And this one is very interesting, I like finding this one, a mushroom that grows under a pine tree.

But unfortunately, there are only a few types of mushrooms that grow under pine trees, and they only have white color, I don't know if there will be other colors in the future.

These are babies and spider eggs in pretty colors Look, this is how it is when they're still in their egg packets, it's so cool.

There are many sacs of caterpillar eggs in the pine leaves. I think this is the kind of egg that turns into a butterfly.

Of all the types, most of what we can find in a pine forest is a type of insect. Grasshoppers, butterflies, spiders and actually there are many more, but I can't get a picture of them.

Apart from the unique insects, there are also many beautiful wildflower plants, some of which, I still don't know the names of these wildflower plants. But they have a unique shape and beautiful color.

Those are some types of insects and wild plants that grow in the pine forest. Apart from the pine trees which make a good contribution to the environment and our lives, the existence of pine forests is also a place for various types of animals, insects and other plants to live, which as a whole, all of which have a good impact on life on earth.

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