Forests are always interesting to study and explore

Today the weather is very favorable for playing in the open. As usual I have hobbies and have always wanted to spend some free time in the forest.

For some time being in urban areas is sometimes quite boring. Vehicle fumes and noise generated by transportation are quite disturbing.

Routines in the office are also very draining of energy, loss of mood stability and thoughts feel chaotic. Today I decided to go back to the village and get ready to play in the forest.

Some equipment must be prepared in advance, such as a tent which must always be prepared, because I will enter a tropical forest where conditions are uncertain, sometimes suddenly it can rain there. Sangkur is the equipment that must be brought when we enter the forest, drinking bottles and several types of food that must not be forgotten to prepare.

I live in a village adjacent to a forest area which is still very natural. Apart from that, we who live on the border of the forest, protecting the forest and nature is an obligation and this must continue for generations to come.

The sustainability and naturalness of forests that are continuously maintained will always have a good impact on life. There are millions of positive impacts that nature and forests have had on our lives. Just one small example, for example, look at the picture of the sap wood that I show above. This wood sap has been used since time immemorial, it is used as an adhesive on paper and can also heal wounds on our skin.

Other simple things that can make us happy again when we are out in nature, seeing some cute and amazing little animals. it's very simple if we want to enjoy the beauty of nature and with simple things it can also make us fit again.

While in the forest, of course, I will not miss everything that I see, taking pictures is a must and cannot be missed.

We will get many things when we are in the forest, new things, unique and interesting things, as well as new knowledge

Grasshoppers, unique mushrooms that grow naturally there, and the one below is a small elephant ivory that I found on a walk in the forest today.

I don't know exactly why these little tusks were left behind, maybe some of the young elephants were fighting or they stabbed their tusks in the rocks until they broke and they were left behind. I don't know, we have to pick it up and bring it home.

Forest pumpkin flowers are sometimes also very interesting to take photos of, these are pumpkins that grow wild in the forest, but right now it seems we haven't got the fruit yet.

Now I have entered the forest area further, several km have been traveled and it is quite far from the village border.

The further we go into the forest, the more we will see large trees that grow naturally there, the natural scenery is also more interesting to enjoy.

Beautiful rivers have begun to be seen when we are deep into the forest. But on this occasion I will end my post today just up here, I promise to take all of you further to see what I found in my forest exploration activities the next day, so I hope you will continue to follow it in my next post.

That's all for today, thanks to those of you who have stopped by and provided your support. The forest is a great place to explore and discover everything, which is unique, which is beautiful, interesting and full of knowledge.

Greetings Nature Lovers

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