Love Trees and Nurture it

Hi, my fellow nature lovers! how are you?

I want to share with you guys, our successful 1st tree planting event.
We conducted it here in Tanay, Rizal Philippines, last June 04, 2022, a perfect location for trees because Rizal is well-known as a mountainous area, quite popular for hikers around the province.
however, there are abusive people that cut a lot of trees almost every day and we are alarmed by that, imagine there are 42 million trees being cut each day based on the study, so we try to at least lessen it by planting and nurturing it.

SOHS Organization initiates an activity to plant some trees and we spread it through social media so we can attract more volunteers when we closed the registration the total attendees at that time were 83, including the MENRO, LGU, and Cops.


We planted Narra and Molave a total of 300 seedlings and planted them all, also we make sure that we didn't plant trees that can be toxic to the forest so we focus more on native trees which can be useful to the animals


Along the planting area, there are already holes that the LGU provided so we can easily plant all the seedlings we just need to plant them correctly.



I'm in love with nature ever since, It makes me relaxed and calm. I grew up in a mountainous area that's why seeing trees and green sceneries are not new to me and how they play an important role in our world. That's why I promised to take care of our nature and stand for it. It saves our lives and now it's our turn to save them!

This is Mooon, and always remember that just like seeds we people grow! 💚


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