The Natural Beauty of the High Mountain

Hello friends, how are you all today, hopefully we are still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

I will show you some of the most incredible natural landscapes that I have ever visited. I went to a mountain that is in the area where I live and there has a height Which is so extraordinary that when we are at the top we can clearly see the villages of the people below.The place I visited was in the Gayo land area or often referred to as in the highlands in the province of Aceh. The air in that place is also very cold and there is still very natural with its natural state The people there are also always pressured to be able to maintain the natural environment close to them. Indeed, we must take care of nature properly so that we are free from pollution or flooding because with the many plants in the mountains, it really prevents flooding.

If there are no big trees or other trees in the mountains, then flooding will occur very quickly. At several points that we visited this mountain was also very prone to landslides so when we went there we had to be very careful with that situation. But very grateful when we went there the weather was very nice and it didn't rain, if it rains, of course I am also afraid of the situation on the mountain because I am very afraid of the landslide that has already happened there.The road to access to the mountain is also very good, This is included in the causeway from Lhokseumawe to Takengon. From morning to 10:00 at night this road is still crowded by people but after 10:00 at night it may be a little quieter this road. All right friends, let's see some pictures that I have prepared.

as I have said above we can see beautiful scenery with very densely populated villages there. the people there usually have coffee plantations as their daily business to make ends meet. indeed the land in these mountains is very fertile so that coffee plants are very suitable to be cultivated here.

Roads in the mountains are certainly very important with traffic signs, in order to prevent many accidents.The road in the mountains is very tortuous, but all of them have been marked by the government by sticking them on the side of the road so that people who pass by can mark the direction of the existing road.

We can see the beautiful scenery with the very high mountains that are in the area. At that time the weather was not too foggy and I was able to take some very clear seeds of the beauty of the mountains that were there.For myself, I really like to travel to the mountains or to places like this to see the beauty and sustainability.

Maybe that's all I can share. On this occasion, I hope all my friends can like the pictures that I display. Thank you to all friends who have built a community that we are very proud of like this and hopefully we can all display our pictures.That's all from me for this opportunity and thank you.

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