Our beautiful and fertile nature is starting to break down, O nature lovers, help us save it.

Hello all my dear friends wherever you are.

How are you all nature lovers? I hope you are all healthy always in the protection of God Almighty, and always faithful to save our nature for the continuity of peaceful and peaceful mankind.

Indonesia is one country that has so many natural resources, even Indonesia deserves to be called a "Natural paradise", besides having many natural resources, Indonesia also has a very beautiful and charming natural panorama.

There are many natural resources that you can find in Indonesia, you must have heard that one of the largest gold-producing countries is Indonesia, besides that coal and natural gas are also abundant.

In addition, for those of you who are true nature lovers and nature explorers, of course you are no stranger to the "Tourism Heaven" of the city of Sabang, which is visited every day by thousands of tourists from abroad from various parts of the world because of its very beautiful and enchanting nature.

In addition, for those of you who are fruit lovers, then you should visit Indonesia, because in our country you will find hundreds of types of fresh fruits that are still very natural and cultivated by local farmers.

Almost every province in Indonesia has an abundant fruit harvest season, such as the Aceh province where I live, and currently it is the durian and local rambutan fruit harvest season.

The results of this abundant natural wealth are the result of the hard work of all Indonesian citizens who are always loyal to be friendly with nature, and always love nature sincerely.

Just look, how nature is friendly with us, almost every house in remote villages has a rambutan tree next to the house and in the yard of the house, and of course this is the result that nature has given us because we love nature very much.

Our children and grandchildren don't need to go to the market or supermarket if they want to eat fruit, they just need to open the door of the house and look up, the various fruits immediately spoil their eyes, that's nature in our village, aceh-Indonesia.

See also how fertile the banana trees are cultivated in the yard of our villagers' homes, all of which are sincerely given by nature for us.

It's not in vain that we have taken good care of nature, because nature has given us everything, we are very grateful to nature.

But there is one thing that we fear and we are very afraid of, where if there are people who want to try to destroy nature, disturb nature and don't even care about the beauty of nature, then they will certainly be hostile to us nature lovers.

We don't want our nature, which is so rich, so beautiful, so fertile, to be destroyed in the hands of ignorant people who are not responsible, and if that happens then I am the person who stands at the forefront of defending nature, defending nature lovers to continue to defend our nature. so beautiful and lush.

And you know, recently there was a scene and it was wild in almost all corners of the country of Indonesia, where our nature began to be gloomy and no longer gave us a smile, our nature began to be jealous because it was polluted and polluted.

I, who is a nature lover, was very curious to see what was happening so I took the time to visit a village that was shocked by the news of environmental and natural pollution, even at that time residents from several villages had a big demonstration because their nature was starting to be polluted.

When I arrived at the location, my tears fell, even my heart screamed and I stroked my chest unable to say anything, it turned out that what I heard was true, that my nature was starting to be polluted and disturbed.

This place which was supposed to offer a charming panorama of natural beauty, has now turned into "Hell", how not? The nature here has been polluted with palm oil waste from a palm oil processing factory not far from this location.

The smell of this place is very strong, even the rotten smell of rotting palm dregs is so disturbing to my breath, in my heart I say "This is the beginning of a disaster".

In this place is not the beauty and peace that I met, but what I feel is sadness, the waste water here is very smelly and dirty, even this really makes the living creatures here threatened with life.

I tried to find information about what was happening here, by walking around this place, and in the end I found an old man who was over 60 years old scavenging for the rest of this palm dregs.

This old man who is not willing to reveal his identity and is not willing to document this, told me many things about the beginning of the dark story that occurred in this place.

According to him, it all started with the construction of a palm oil mill, and the factory waste was disposed of at that place with the permission of the villagers and all relevant village parties, and according to him the factory was established with complete permits.

I had asked the old man why the villagers had the heart to destroy their nature, and according to him the villagers where the factory was built were all given jobs by becoming employees in the factory with a large salary, and the village was given income or net profit for empowerment. Public.

Actually the villagers do not agree with the environmental pollution, but they depend on the fate of their children by working in the factory.

I who heard that couldn't say anything, and didn't know who to blame, but what is certain is that our nature has started to be polluted, and I can't justify that happening.

But in the end without me knowing it, a local village youth came to see me and gave an explanation to me almost the same as what the old man had told me earlier.

He also couldn't do much, because he also worked as an employee at the factory, but he promised me to report to the manager and factory leadership to manage this factory waste properly so that there would be no more environmental pollution.

O nature lovers, help us to save our nature, help us with suggestions and opinions, what should we do?

Leave your suggestions and comments for the sake of the safety of mankind and for the sake of the safety of nature for our children and grandchildren until nature decides for itself to rest.

That's all from me, may nature continue to give a smile to mankind

Greetings from me


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