The majestic trees of Nachi, Japan

Hi Nature lovers!

Today, I would like to show you the majestic trees I saw during a trip to Nachi in Japan.

This forest is considered sacred and is home to many Buddhist temples as well as Shinto shrines. This is also one of the 3 main shrines on the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route. I will definitely write other posts about this place, it was really a hidden gem!

600 year old Camphor tree

This tree, if my memory is correct, is a camphor tree and is now more than 600 years old. Just standing at its feet gives you a gentle yet implacable reminder of your place in this world!
We came across this tree by chance and stayed there for a few minutes, gazing at it, speechless. This was such a great feeling!

Stone path leading deep in the forest

We continued our ascension walking in the forest on this stone path, looking around us and sometimes forgetting to breathe to record as much as possible of this wonderful atmosphere!
It is not that the trees will move or might disappear, it is more like an inner feeling telling us that the world will remain but we won't.

Old Camphor tree home of spirits

We eventually arrived at the main shrine where another 800-year-old camphor tree was waiting for us.
Given the gate and decorations, this tree is believed to be inhabited by spirits, also called Kami.
After paying a fee and offering a prayer, we can enter and go inside the tree!
This is the moment where we realize that this tree is huge!

I hope you enjoyed these trees as much as we did!
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