A Walk at the Avenue Washlands Reserve

The weather has been typically British today, cool, hot, sunny, and raining all in one hour. Walking around a local nature reserve, I started off in the rain wearing a coat for the first time in ages but the sun came out and I ended up carrying my coat for the rest of the walk.

In August, the Avenue Washlands Reserve recently won the award for Nature Site of the Year from the Land Trust. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into managing the area by staff members, community groups, and volunteers. They are always striving to make it better for the wildlife and visitors.

All the way down one side, there were lots of rose hips and berries out on the bushes.

There was one solitary swan down there on the water. I spotted a few herons in the distance but too far away to get a photograph.

I think these are a type of wild carrot. In August/September they curl up in a ball shape. They do give off a carrot-like odour even if they don't look the part .

The yarrow plant belongs to the daisy family and insects love them. You usually see lots of hoverflies around them.

I enjoyed my walk. I didn't go too far but lots to see and the clover caught a few of the raindrops that had fallen.

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