Some green parts in a macro lens

In my post this time, I will show some photos of parts of the outdoor landscape, the surrounding environment and some more photos that I took in the garden.

Sometimes our minds are full of chaos, anxiety and erratic anxiety. Environmental noise that is dense with traffic sometimes makes us bored and tired.

For me, to treat fatigue and mental confusion from the impact of a dense traffic environment, a noisy environment is enough to go to the garden and other open places that are far from these disturbing activities.

the idea of ​​a green environment is one of nature's natural remedies that without having to pay for it, we can find great relaxation from it.

Only by being there, we will be able to heal the confusion of thoughts and feelings of fatigue that we feel. Paying attention to some parts of nature, even the smallest things that we can see in nature will be able to change our emotions for the better.

No need to enter a dense forest to be able to find natural green relaxation. For me, being in my own garden is enough to get it all.

Just by noticing and enjoying some of the smallest parts of the garden, it can restore my fitness.

Check out some of these usual photos that I've saved here. It is a small piece of green environment. When you are there, you will find the good impact that you feel when you pay more attention to the extraordinary parts of nature that sometimes we often pass through.

While out in the garden, I really like to notice some of these, the green grass, and the tiny movements that are there.

The movements show how much life is below, in the green grass. And look, it's a roll of leaves and inside there are caterpillar eggs which in a few moments will live and become beautiful butterflies that will show how beautiful nature and green environment are.

Using a macro lens is one of the best ways to get a clear shot of some of the tiniest life down there.

And this is a baby butterfly perched on a tiny blade of grass, it's no bigger than a corn kernel. But look, it's the smallest movement of nature that we can't find without really paying attention to it.

In essence, the green image of nature and the environment, these tiny insects and a few others are part of life on earth, all of which will be useful to us and turn them into relaxation drugs that can cure our feelings of chaos and fatigue.

All pictures were taken using a Samsung smartphone camera and a macro lens to capture the smallest details. That's all for now, we'll meet again in my next post.

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