Hello Nature People, how are today...?. I hope everyone is good today...

Today is the best day for me because this time I will make my first post in this new community. Today I took pictures of various places with an orange sunset background. I myself really like sunsets and because of that, I very often take pictures of warm sunset moments and here are some photos that I have taken.

This photo I took in one of the buildings in my place, and I was only a few meters from the building. This building caught my attention and made me want to take a picture because the sunset light reflected from the sun and directly hit the side of the building. The orange color of this sunset itself looks very unique and very nice from the side of the building, I didn't want to miss it and I tried to take pictures with some silhouettes of trees and plants to make it look better and more dramatic.

A very good sunset light is indeed very suitable when photographed through plants and trees because the dark silhouette of the trees and leaves can be a very good object in the warm orange color that results from the sunset light. I'm always happy when I have to photograph light from between the trees like this, but there is a separate technique for photographing it, there is not to let the light highlights and the sun light source be completely covered to make it look better and make the silhouette and orange color the main highlight even though the light source is still seen.

I also tried photographing the sunset background through the grass and plants, the results did not disappoint and I managed to adopt the orange color into the plants. However, in order to be like this I have to work a little hard by lying down between the grass so that I get the right image and optimal light composition. For me there are many objects that can be used as highlights and sunset light is a very good background, it's just that we need techniques and observations, and use the sunset light well.

The use of orange light from the sunset is very important, we can use it anywhere and in any form, including in its usual form or reflection. The orange light from the sunset that is hit by objects such as leaves is also very good if we can use it, the point is we have to highlight objects that are illuminated by orange light from the sunset and can also darken the surrounding objects so that the part that we want to highlight becomes better and more focused.

I photographed this sunset using a Canon 1100D with a Tamron 70-300mm lens. This photo shoot I took from several different places, and from some of these places, I found several photos with a variety of uniqueness and beauty.
I hope you like it and see you in another post.

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