Forests and water play a role in the life of the world

Hello all nature lovers. This time I will try to post some shots that I took from the heights of the mountains, and my shoot this time with the theme of Secondary Forest and Primary Forest. This is my first post in the #naturelovers community


From this first photo of mine, you can see, this is primary forest. Primary forest is old forest or the trees have grown and primary forest can be said to have never been cut down or very natural forest, while secondary forest is forest that grows from human damage or damage by nature itself.


And here I took some shots of Secondary Forest and Primary Forest,




This is Secondary Forest and here you can see how the secondary forest is developing, this mountain is a place to grow tree species that can grow without owning soil.

Now I can't enter into the forest, can only see from a distance, most likely in the next few days I will show how the contents of primary and secondary forests are. But this time you can see my shooting with various forms of pictures that I took, but if you want to see the contents of primary and secondary forests you have to be patient for a few more days, because I am currently unable to enter into the forest area.


From here you can see, the mountains are a very natural Primary Forest and below it is a local community village area. I deliberately chose this place as an example of a very natural forest and this forest is able to produce the oxygen we breathe every time.



Forest Benefits

  • Acting as the lungs of the World
  • Protect and Able to maintain soil fertility
  • Facilities for living things
  • Becoming a Source of Biodiversity
  • Prevent damage to nature




While water is very important for living things, especially for humans, water plays an important role in this earth. Water and humans can't be separated.



That's a little from me, hopefully it's useful and can help.

Thank you

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