HiveDownvoteRewards Dev Stream + Angelic Bogdanoff Calling in the GREAT PAMPENING!


Today I am introducing the stream with a meme that was inspired by a tweet
from @edicted.


As crypto markets have been looking down, may the GREAT PAMPENING come like a thief in the night and wreck the short sellers.

I understand the sentiment of his tweet may have been different which I interpret as meaning the hurting isn't quite over yet... but let's not give up hope just yet. Maybe the shorts are the ones that will end up liquidated. 🤔

There is still work yet to be done to show the world the potential utility of blockchain technology. Harnessing the power of the "wisdom of the crowd" as our former Steem blockchain's white paper refenced (I said a dirty word, I know) can bring about much good.

Let's work to do just that.

In the last session, I got somewhat hung up on the models with two key questions of which one was decisively answered by @saboin regarding the max length of a Hive link identifier to include '@'+author+'/'+permlink.

At present, that is of little consequence as our immediate goal is Hive-Keychain integration into the Django web app.

Once we validate that functionality, we can worry about crafting out models to suit precisely what we need from Hive transactions obtained via Beem.

Without further ado, let's commence the stream.

I plan to put in an hour or so of dedicated time. Let's see what we can accomplish. This will be the first step of many in creating a decentralized community moderation full stack web app.

Let's show Facebook and other legacy media how it's done, shall we?

See you on Vimm

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