RE: 2022-08-27

I created this joeyarnoldvn account for in 2017. I don't know if I ever had my private master key for that account. This account is also on Hive Blog as seen here. So, I have some or all of my other private keys for this account like the posting key and the others.

I was saving my public keys. I was not always saving my private keys. Well, I think I always understood the difference between public and private keys. But I think I sometimes didn't check which of the two I was copying. There were times I would go into the wallet to copy the keys. They show you the public keys. There were times I didn't realize you have to click to see the private keys.

I did make a few other accounts too. I may have the private master key and passwords for some or all of my other accounts. If need be, I will or would move my main blog to a new account on Hive and Steemit and everything.

Did I ever recover my keys? I don't remember if I ever tried emailing Steemit or whoever. I don't think I have my private master key for @joeyarnoldvn here. Yeah, I believe Steemit has an email for resetting the private master key or so might be the claim. Come to think of it, maybe I did try emailing them. But I don't think I ever got a response. I could be wrong about the details.

The conclusion is I think you are basically right @nutritree that this @joeyarnoldvn account here is like a burn account and I do have secondary accounts @oatmealhealth @oatmealjoey @oatmealenglish etc.

How do you feed posts from one account to other accounts?

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