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The Coronavirus-19 represents viruses, diseases, sicknesses, etc. When we become too sick, we die. What is Covid-19 is a good question. But regardless of what Covid is and/or is not, people do die. When our immune system or systems becomes or become too weak, we die. When your body lacks enough essential vitamins and enzymes and minerals and water and oxygen, we die. Vitamins is a key component. Covid killed people. But many things kill people. And more so, Covid Vaccines kill more people than Covid did.

Delta was created mostly from and through and by Covid Vaccines.

Omicron was also a product of the Covid Vaccines and NOT of Covid.

And Covid is and is not many things. Sometimes or too many times, when people say Covid, it is not Covid.

And Covid is too general of a term. Covid has too many meanings.

It is too hard to define and describe Covid because people blame too many things on Covid.

You got hit by a car, Covid killed you. The car did not kill you they say. Crazy.

Covid Tests actually tests a human to see if there are coronaviruses inside. And Covid-19 is a series of coronaviruses. But there are many other kinds of coronaviruses too. And Covid Tests not only tries to see if a person has coronaviruses (not just Covid-19 but all kinds of coronaviruses) but the test is also only looking for the antibodies that our body creates with the help of the immune systems. But then again, there are different types of Covid tests. There are different ways to do the tests. But many people have agreed the tests were too inaccurate.

Too many people who got Covid got better, over 99%. Most people got better.

Too many people who died of Covid were already too sick.

In 2020, the CDC website published an article saying over 94% of people who died of Covid had comorbidity which means they died of different things and not just of Covid. And the fake news spin that information to say Covid was the key thing that killed the person, that it tipped the person over to die. And Covid can kill people. But other things kill people too.

And Covid Vaccines are killing people so much. The numbers are so big.

Some people think viruses are fake or different things.

I think viruses are real.

But some viruses, bacteria, germs, etc, can be good and some kind be bad for humans.

There may be around six trillion human cells inside the average adult body.

According to Delgado Protocol, "We have 380 trillion viruses and 60 trillion bacteria in our body’s and only 6 trillion cells. And every day we breathe in an average of 100,000,000 viruses."

Scientists and doctors and others can disagree and debate on how human cells might be inside a human body. But they all can agree humans have many trillions of cells. And they agree there are more viruses inside our bodies than we have human cells.

According to an article on Optics Planet, there may be around 30 to 50 trillion bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, parasites, other small microorganisms and other things that we cannot see with the naked eye. It looks like scientists debate on how many bacteria there may be. So, they may not agree to one specific number but they do agree it is a big number, many trillions and women generally have more than men do. And I don't know if having more is good or bad. We have a symbiotic relationship with the microbiome.

75 Percent Water

Our bodies are at least 75% (percent) water according to Shift Frequency and our brains 90% water. So, we are mostly water. And yet, even with all of that water, we still have trillions of bacteria, etc. Well, to be fair, some of the water is inside cells and inside bacteria, etc. But some or most of the water are between the spaces and gaps and cavities and tunnels and holes and valleys and areas between cells and bacteria and everything. It is kind of like looking at the stars in space. Maybe not that much space. But there is a lot of water. And there are a lot of cells. And there are a lot of bacteria, germs, viruses, etc.

How many human cells in our bodies?

According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information website, there may be around 10(12) to 10(16) cells in our bodies. And 12 means to the power of 12 or 12 zeroes. That means 12 trillion. 10(16) would be an even bigger number. And I think these estimates might include not just human cells but also bacteria, etc. But the article goes on to give a more specific formula of 3.72 × 10(13).

There are two types of immune systems in your body. But they only talk about the first kind is the innate immune system. They never talk about the second type which is called the adaptive immune system.

Our bodies are so big.

Since humans have trillions of viruses, that is big.

Because trillion is a big number.

And it is crazy to wear a mask to keep viruses out of our bodies.

Because we already have viruses in our bodies.

And when we breath in oxygen, we breath in viruses with the air.

To not breath in viruses, you have to filter your air into an oxygen tank and wear body suit all over your body with a mask and goggle over your eyes. You would have to breath the air from the tank through the plastic pipe into your mouth directly.

And some people believe our bodies sometimes create viruses and other things too sometimes too.

In other words, some viruses come into our bodies from outside our bodies from animals, people, plants, trees, the air, the earth, water, etc.

But some viruses are fragments of cells and other things in our bodies they say. Like, think of it like this, cells are like cookies. And some viruses might be the crumbs from those cookies. Some viruses might be mistakes or fragments from our body. I'm not saying all viruses come from our body. Some probably come from outside our body.

But it seems that some viruses causes cancer, etc.

The good news is our immune systems is always destroying the viruses, the cancer cells, etc, etc, all of the time.

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