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Every ten years, they say global warming will kill us. Go look it up. They say it might be climate change. They say the earth might get too hot which would cause floods when all the ice melts. That means all the cities go under water. Other times, they say we will freeze to death. They make predictions which do not come true.

They said we would all be dead by the year 2000. But we did not die in 2000. So, after that, they said we would all die in 2012. But we did not die as humans on this planet in the year 2012 A.D. Again and again, they say we will die. Now, Greta, AOC, Al Gore, Bill Nye, etc, they all say we will die in 2030 if we do not stop global warming, climate change, global freezing, etc.

But they said it before. They said it ten years ago. They said it twenty years ago. They started saying it 100 years ago. They say it again and again that we will die. But we do not die. They lie. It is fake news. They want you to not have anything. They want you to die.

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