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For Life But Not For Oatmeal

2021-06-13 - Sunday - 07:53 AM - Banned Log - Facebook Log - Covid Log - Freedom Log - Hive Blog

Trần Lê Tố Nga sent me a friend request at this time or some minutes or hours before that. I last checked Saturday night. So, it was a new request on Facebook. I accepted the request and I became her friend.

I went onto her Facebook and found out she works at the 4Life English Center at at 266 Lê Thanh Nghị, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng Da Nang, Vietnam 550000. Phone number: +84 236 7778 999. Email: I left her several comments. I gave normal comments which most people give most of the time on Facebook. Very general comments like, "Good work" and things like that. I liked a few comments. I did very normal things which we all see millions of people do each day on many websites and in real life since the dawn of time.

We all can study this and see this. That is the transparency of this story. Within a few minutes, she blocked me. It could be that she felt that my 5 comments and 5 likes on some of her posts was too many. Now, some people might spread out the comments and likes. They might do one comment today and another comment a few days later. maybe one like today and a second like in a week. I deal with thousands of people a day. I deal with so many people all around the world all the time. I generally run into people, I may do a bunch of things all at once and then move on as I'm a very busy person. Now, this person may have blocked me for a wide variety of reasons or no reasons at all.

Perhaps, she, assuming it is her account, heard about me from other Vietnamese in Vietnam and decided to block me. Maybe she was told to block me. Maybe she didn't like that I'm against the mask and Covid Vaccines which kill people. I did say "Dep qua" in one of my comments to her. But that is a casual comment that the average Vietnamese receives many times each day. It is a normal thing and not a problem in my experience with Vietnamese going back to 2012.

Many people have blocked me online and offline many times meaning this was not the first time I've been blocked or something. I don't know why she sent me a friend request. I don't know why or how she did a 180 so quickly to run away from me just minutes after becoming my friend.

2021-06-13 - Sunday - Tran Le To Nga blocked Oatmeal Joey on Facebook - 186524086_526345088727956_7727793027468637565_n.jpg

Trần Lê Tố Nga blocked me on Facebook

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