RE: 2021-01-07

Good ideas while walking. One idea is to talk about the dangerous of listening to stories too much or for too long. When I say stories, I mean of all forms, shapes and sizes, be it within books, movies, shows, campfire folklore, commercials, videos, audio, podcast, comics, memes, messages, comments, etc, etc, whether they be seen, read, heard, felt, experienced, etc, stories are like pills. They can be too compact, too isolated from the context of life and other things, too condensed, too concentrated like pills, too strong, too dangerous, too many side effects, too good, too bad, too much, too counterproductive, too misleading, the wrong thing at the wrong time, too soon, too late, not what you need at a given moment, not what you need at all. When swallowing pills, red pills, black pills, oatmeal pills, fun pills, hard pills to swallow, all kinds of pillows, I mean pills, story pills, remember they are pills. Be aware they are pills. Do you want to only take pills or do you want the real thing? A pill is good as a review, a recap, a summary, a look back, maybe a look forward kind of thing, but not so much a as you go through life possibly. It depends but ask yourself each time if you want to swallow a particular story pill or not. I had a funny moment while thinking about this. This may not be a red pill, a black pill, an oatmeal pill, or even a good pill. This might be bad advice. What am I saying, this is good advice. What am I saying, I'm Michael Jordan, I cam do anything, flying through the sky. Cue the moment I said this 25 years ago in February of 1996 in my first video with my brother in Oregon. A quarter century ago. Time to make more Arnold Attic Films.

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