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West World Robot People Patriots Door Monday the first day of August of 2022. Sandy Hook Alex Jones Snap Chat Bully Tuesday. PROOF JOEY ARNOLD IS A FISH Wednesday. They Alex Jones You Thursday. Fuck Alex Jones Avatar Friday. Shed Doors Finished Saturday.

Stopping Free Speech Forever Sunday the 8th. FBI Raids Trump, Laura Loomer For Congress Monday. Facebook Gave Nebraska Cops a Girl's Private Messages so they could prosecute her Tuesday. Trump pleaded the 5th. FBI TYRANNY Wednesday. Lake Day. Heat Power Over Solar Power Thursday. IRS WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE WITH GUNS TO MURDER YOU Friday. Hollywood Suck But Gina Carano Cool Saturday.

Tummy Pain Awakening Sunday the 14th. Strawberry Cage Make Monday. Wood Trailer Filled Up Tuesday. Anne Heche was in Toxic Skies Wednesday. Trump Trolls Democrats Thursday. Las Vegas Friday Night Tights Friday. Bitcoin For Covid Mega-Deal Saturday.

Retarded Oatmeal Sunday the 21st. Fauci Out, YouTube Banned Andrew Tate Monday. Facebook Attacked Tyler Merritt Tuesday. Unstoppable Patience of Unbeatable Justice Wednesday. Rogan Facebook Pizza Berries Day Thursday. Cough Thing Friday. Cough Thing Saturday. Maria Zeee Media Sunday the 28th. UK's Pawn Was Hitler Monday. Snap Chat Ban, Trump Vaccine Murders People Tuesday. The Value in Families, Craiyon.com Wednesday.

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Oatmeal Monthly - 2022-08 - August of 2022 | Published in August of 2022





West World Robot People Patriots Door

2022-08-01 - Monday

Screenshot at 2022-08-01 03-44-44.png

West World, are the robots now people, are the people now robots?

Be a voice in the mist of the storm. I'm happy to meet patriots. I've included direct links to my daily blog so you can click below to find me on social media. You can also click on my Contact Me page for more information in case any of the social links break and become dead due to getting banned and suspended permanently again off Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The door.

Sandy Hook Alex Jones Snap Chat Bully

2022-08-02 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2022-08-03 02-15-29 Joey Arnold Snap Chat.png


Sandy Hook Trial. The judge is telling the defense that Infowars is guilty. That is crazy because a trial is suppose to determine IF IF IF IF IF you are guilty or innocent. But she continued to say the jurors cannot know that Alex Jones is innocent and told the jurors they CANNOT know this. She said it to their face. She is scared to death that they might find out that she is lying to them. Playing only part of a video clip is the same as quoting a person. The DA attacked the video clips by saying it was not the full video. But in life, nothing is ever full be it video or life itself.

54:40 minutes in Alex Jones gave an analogy of two dogs killing each other in a dog fight. A real fight. Real death. But synthetic, staged, or fake, means people throw the dogs in. Same thing with events which can be real and yet weaponized, etc. 1:06:00 minutes in, the orange head man said Infowars is not bankrupt and did not cooperate with discovery. But Infowars did file bankruptcy. It may be a bit technical because there are different forms and types of bankruptcy and filing. So, orange man might say it was not type A and yet will fail to say it was in fact type B or type C or whatever it was. Orange man is being deceptive. Same thing with discovery. Infowars turned over all the emails and more. We all know this and yet orange man continues to lie. The judge contradict herself by saying first that Alex Jones lied but then said that it doesn't matter if Alex thought he was not lying. See, if you're ordered to tell truth, then all you can do is tell your truth. But the judge said your truth is not wanted. She only wants her truth. But in reality, all you can do is tell your truth from your perspective. But the judge said you CANNOT do that. But we have to. Humans are bias. Humans can only talk from personal opinion, paradigms.


2022-08-03 - Wednesday

Joey Arnold Fish 2 common-carp-cyprinus-carpio-1893512742.jpg


The number one cause of death is dirty water. 3:34:00 minutes in the judge says Alex Jones cannot tell people where he got the idea that the jurors were blue collar if Alex got the info externally from studies, facts, evidence, truth, scientists, experts. That is crazy for the judge to say because humans will generally develop their own thoughts based off other people and things. In other words, everything in life is allegedly hearsay as you might call it. The judge is like you can't talk about it if it came from outside of yourself. But we humans obtain our originality, our opinions, and everything, from those who came before us. Therefore, it would be literally impossible to say anything at all in a court of law during a trial because humans are bias and humans are plagued by hearsay. Everything you do is influenced by hearsay and therefore classified either to be directly or indirectly hearsay.

34:00 minutes in the man in glasses accuses Infowars Alex Jones of a continuous decade-long Sandy Hook defamation campaign attack which is absolutely not true as it was not an attack and it was NOT continuous. First off, other news outlets covered Sandy Hook before Infowars did. Second, callers demanded that Alex talk about it. Third, Alex talked to many people on his shows about over the years sometimes but not continuously. Over the years, many different people said many different things on Alex's show but also not on his show. Alex has given his opinions at different times over the years regarding it. But fake news take his words out of context. Alex played Devil's advocate many times and said many things. Long story short, Alex only talked about it less than one percent of the time. Also, many people talked about it on other shows too. Alex didn't start the questioning. Plus, questioning is not bad. Talking and free speech is not bad. Bad people weaponize real events. What happened is a long story. We don't have time right now to talk about all the things that happened as it relates to school shootings, false flags, many events in world history where real people really do die and yet it is also a false flag at the same time in that it is weaponized and stuff. Sometimes you can have crisis actors and you can have real people die. And perhaps some people did not die. Perhaps some people were not actors. Perhaps there were some crisis actors. Perhaps many different things happened at the same time.

49:15 minutes in, glasses man says Infowars covered Sandy Hook for 27 hours in video over the past decade since 2012. He goes on to say it doesn't matter that smaller number is buried within many thousands of hours of other lies and stuff. In other words, he is saying Infowars is just one big lie and that when Infowars predicted Covid back in 2010 and also around 2001 and countless times via the Rockefeller Lock-Step white papers and other documents and things, that all of that is deception and everything even as we can clearly see what Alex says come true. Another example was Alex was talking about Jeffrey Epstein for years. More painting.

They Alex Jones You

2022-08-04 - Thursday

United Nations 297344494_133230189417556_3354467025913526762_n.jpg

Cities Under Water by 2000 Said The United Nations in 1989. But That Did Not Happen. Global Warming Scam. Climate Change Weaponized. Geoengineering. Weather Weapons. WEF.

If they can't Julian Assange you, then they'll try to Donald Trump you. If they can't do that, then they'll finally try to Alex Jones you. So, you better Edward Snowden or Joe Rogan while you still can. Plaintiff doxed Infowars Alex Jones yesterday, his phone number, home address. Plaintiff also committed purgatory to the jury by saying Alex said what he did not say on the witness stand several minutes earlier. You can all compare the video of what Alex said with what the plaintiff said.

The Carbon Tracker is all about tracking and controlling humans, what they can eat, where they can travel, what they can do, etc. The United Nations estimated that 62 million people died from starvation due to lockdowns which we didn't have to do in the last 32 months.

Fuck Alex Jones Avatar

2022-08-05 - Friday

JOEY ARNOLD IS Alex Jones Infowars 1990s, 2022-08-05 - Friday - Shirtless Hot Joey Arnold Avatar FREE SPEECH HASHTAG PNG dsdsdsCrY99z0UkAAj5aq.png

My New 1990s Infowars Alex Jones Avatar on Facebook, Twitter, Discord

INFOWARS ALEX JONES HATERS ARE CLOSED MINDED. People DID NOT study Sandy Hook, that includes YOU YOU YOU. The crazy thing today is they are focused on trying to figure out how much money Infowars Alex Jones has in order to sue him based on that alone as opposed to trying to find a number for the defamation damages instead. To me that's extremely insane to have that perspective. The defense says to the jurors that the plaintiff chose which evidence to present in the Alex Jones trial. The plaintiff lawyers got so mad even tho that is true. The plaintiff was like, "But there is a lot more than just those 18 hours." But where is it? They won't show it. Almost like it does not exist. Plaintiff said Infowars Alex Jones destroyed Sandy Hook related videos but truth be told YouTube did that assuming there are videos destroyed. Therefore, why is YouTube not being sued for destroying videos?

Plaintiff said, "FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA IS NOT PROTECTED." Down with 1A is the goal of the Alex Jones Sandy Hook trial. The charge the judge is forcing the jurors to rule on is invalid because the charge is regarding something that was not published. What happened was Owen Shroyer went over a story live on air in 2017. That is not the same as when a newspaper publishes an article. The heart of the trial is focused on what Owen did not do and is not on Alex Jones and Sandy Hook.

Shed Doors Finished

2022-08-06 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2022-08-06 23-39-31 My Joeyarnoldvn Facebook 21K Followers 4.9K Friends.png

My Joeyarnoldvn Facebook 21K Followers 4.9K Friends

They want Infowars Alex Jones to pay over 3 billion dollars. Another estimate was 150 million or 350 million. But it was as high as like 3 billion dollars that they wanted Infowars Alex Jones to pay.

Stopping Free Speech Forever

2022-08-07 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2022-08-07 21-06-47 Alex Jones Quote.png

They want to stop you from having free speech both online and offline everywhere.

You wore a mask. 60+ million people died due to no work since 2020. Lockdown murdered people. These are UN numbers. Tell me the United Nations are lying. Fact check that right now. Insurance companies see death among the working class up 40% from pre-2020 rates.

The closing argument of the prosecution not only stated that they wanted Alex Jones to never be able be make a video ever again, they also wanted to discourage independent journalists from being on the cutting edge of exposing corruption ever again.

FBI Raids Trump, Laura Loomer For Congress

2022-08-08 - Monday

Screenshot at 2022-08-08 15-39-04 Laura Loomer.png

Laura Loomer For Congress

Globalists will try to murder Trump and Biden and blame it on other people. My tweet will probably get banned by Twitter. Soros is trying to start a civil war. Don't fight. It's a Star Wars Trap. Be smart everybody. Watch out for even more FALSE FLAGS, TRAPS, ETC.

FBI raided Trump. The excuse is Alex Jones Phone. That is fake news. It is like the Russia Hoax all over again. They're always trying to trick the general public with things like this. Are you going to buy into the deception again? The Chinese government bought farmland around military bases all around the United States of America, that is very bad. I'm endorsing Laura Loomer for Congress, Florida District 11 over Daniel Webster: LauraLoomerForCongress.com.

The good news is Texas sent many thousands of illegal immigrants in 2022 to Washington DC and New York City. NYC mayor Eric Adams likes Open Borders but hates it when the sea of people are sent to the Big Apple. That's called hypocrisy. IRS hired 80,000 new agents in 2022. They are going after poor people and not rich people. Even Bernie Sanders hates it.

If China or another empire conquers America, other countries will dissolve. That is one possible future. But in reality what ends up happening is international treaties that end up elevating global tyranny. But keep in mind that we live in the middle of both worlds simultaneously, a tug of war waged by the powers that be. It's a big game of Risk and Monopoly. Like two board games at the same time. Over 600 people already in America were rounded up in 2021 alone.

Facebook Gave Nebraska Cops a Girl's Private Messages so they could prosecute her.

2022-08-09 - Tuesday

FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 TRUMP MAGA CANADA FACEBOOK TRUCKS 272625374_10227904644787101_7044150646659983932_n.jpg

Canada Freedom Convoy 2022

Facebook Gave Nebraska Cops a Girl's Private Messages so they could prosecute her. Edward Snowden wrote a book about this a long time ago. Many people told you. But did you listen? Over 100 FBI agents raided Trump. Globalists are trying to murder Trump & Biden in order to TRICK THE WORLD into war. They want the left to fight with the right, divide and conquer is their motto. Don't fall for the FALSE FLAG TRAP. Red alert. Now is the time to educate and come together.

There is a book you have to buy right now. It is called The Great Reset And The War For The World. This book was written by Infowars Alex Jones. It came out in August of 2022.


2022-08-10 - Wednesday

TRUMP MAGA STAMP AVATAR 293779562_10162085489997306_6657649115409599288_n.jpg


FACEBOOK SAID I CANNOT BE YOUR FRIEND. I SENT A FRIEND REQUEST TO ADD YOU BUT FACEBOOK SAID NO. The New World Order already took over the world, we are the underdogs. People are waking up so quickly to all of this, that is why these tyrants are working overtime to get us off the air and behind prison bars.

The FBI stole every single paper out of Trump's house including napkins and even clothing tags inside Melania's closet. The FBI stole every single paper out of Trump's house and also the resort too, many trucks worth of stuff. Not just the house. A JEFFREY EPSTEIN JUDGE APPROVED THE FBI RAID. FBI had a Trump room padlocked in June 2022 but then broke that same padlock in August. Why did they break their own padlock?

Heat Power Over Solar Power

2022-08-11 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2022-08-11 13-49-01 Science, Heat, Fusion reaction, Deuterium, Tritium, Helium, Neutron.png

Instead of solar power from the sun, imagine heat power from heat.

Globalists are attacking Infowars more than they are attacking Trump. THEY BELIEVE YOU ARE A GOLD FISH DORY FROM FINDING NEMO. Find your heart. Find your brain. Find each other. Together we hold them accountable when we remember. When we look back. When we look forward. When we know the difference therein. Sam Marika is on fire.


2022-08-12 - Friday

Trump Obama Classified FZ-GDqEUEAE0gig.jpeg

Trump Obama Classified


Ian talked about something regarding Twitter, freeing the code, yet we already have that. When you post on the Hive blockchain, that post will be published on the Hive Blog blockchain and then broadcast or syndicated or shared to websites, apps, like Hive Blog, Ecency, PeakD, etc. Let's use them for example. If you got banned on Ecency, then you would still be able to post on Hive Blog and you would still be able to comment on Ecency posts on PeakD or Hive Blog. Because they are shared to all the channels. So, it would be like if Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Gettr, and Truth Social were all on the same network. If you got banned on Twitter, you would still see the Twitter posts via Facebook and could still interact with Twitter people from Facebook. Better yet, Facebook had email and you could literally interact with Facebook Messenger via any email address. Same concept there. The concept of how email works which goes back to the 1980s is similar to this.

Hollywood Suck But Gina Carano Cool

2022-08-13 - Saturday

Gina Carano FaELKnfXwAM6UB3.jpeg

That Star Wars Girl (TSWG) Anna, Gina Carano, Chrissie Mayr, Xia Land Anderson

There was a wait list for Truth Social, I think I got a spot. But you had to get in early. If you go to Truth Social . com, it says you can create an account. How do you know if you got Covid or not? I have no idea if I did or not. When you get sick, how do you know you're sick with Covid and not sick with other things? I have no idea.

Symptoms are not always proof of the root causes. That is like health 101.

Tummy Pain Awakening

2022-08-14 - Sunday


When you try to kill all the humans on the planet but then end up causing a mass awakening.

The Great Reset by Alex Jones is coming out on Tuesday, the 30th of August of 2022, it will be a best seller. According to Wikipedia, the UN is not governed by international law but by a sub-category known as supranational law.

My previous Instagram accounts were permanently suspended. Same thing with Facebook, Twitter, etc. It almost happened on SnapChat, etc.

Strawberry Cage Make

2022-08-15 - Monday

Screenshot at 2022-08-15 03-58-39.png

West World robot girl kills herself. Why? So weird.

CDC quietly said in August of 2022, just last week, after almost three years of giving us Hell, that C0vid was just the flu. During the Trump Raid, FBI stole everything including Donald's passports.

They make pot holes on sidewalks, roads. People are falling in the holes and breaking their bones. Why are they not putting boards over them? Why are they not covering up these holes?

Wood Trailer Filled Up

2022-08-16 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2022-08-17 00-21-15 Alex Jones Infowars Bloomberg End Career.png

It was supposed to end his career and then yours too.

Russia might be very close to taking military action against America. Part of the timing is due to how divided and how weak America is in world history and relative to other countries. Now, China wants to move against America too. We are talking about at least a three-way war on top of perhaps a few other countries, the new world order, big tech, corporations, a few rich people, a few groups, a few cults, a few religious groups, and what have you.

Alex Jones said he thought Sandy Hook happened for the first few years from like 2012 to roughly 2015 or 2016. Around 2015 or after that, Alex started feeling like perhaps Sandy didn't happen. That was for a small period of time. But after that, Alex went back to thinking it really happened. Now, there is more nuance to it than just that. This is only surface level.

Anne Heche was in Toxic Skies

2022-08-17 - Wednesday

2005-2006 WOLBI Joey.png

I went to college in New York.

I was afraid of Vietnam but I went to Vietnam meaning fear is not relevant. Life is about doing what you choose to do. The life of Oatmeal Joey Arnold is built around choices. I do what I want to do. That is what I do, period. I do not want to do sky diving, period. On top of that, there are many things I want to do that I do not do too. That is on top of everything else. This is pretty basic common sense stuff.

Anne Heche was in Toxic Skies which was a 2008 movie about geoengineering. They spray stuff in the sky to make people sick which forces people to come in and buy their drugs. I'm talking Big Pharma medicine. This is real life. This is happening in real life. You can see Anne Heche escaping a body bag as they were shoveling her into an ambulance to declare her dead. I just saw the video and it is scary. They are trying to donate her organs. She might be in a coma right now. She might be totally dead now. Did they murder her? She was planning on exposing sex trafficking. Same as the Alec Baldwin lady.

Trump Trolls Democrats

2022-08-18 - Thursday


Think Hard

Mexican cartels burn faces and dump the bodies in America to intimidate border patrol, military, police, ICE, government, the rule of law, citizens.

When America was fighting North Vietnam, one of the things they used was audio of what sounded like ghosts telling them to give up. But that tactic influenced not just the north but also the south. In some ways, it backfired since the north and the south are so tied culturally.

Las Vegas Friday Night Tights

2022-08-19 - Friday

Screenshot at 2022-08-19 15-06-10 FNT.png

Las Vegas Friday Night Tights was so hot. The quality in the Las Vegas version of Friday Night Tights is so good. It's like they went back in time ten years and stole the studio of Collider.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and Klaus Schwab hired hundreds of thousands of Internet Information Warriors in order to counter their number one enemy, Infowars Alex Jones. WEF hired 110,000 FACT-CHECKERS for the INTERNET, they are calling them INFORMATION WARRIORS in order to counter INFOWARS.

Did YouTube just suspend Steven Crowder? Put on timeout? Men have hundreds of sexual male partners, they're spreading Monkey Pox and other diseases to each other. They want to allow for that to continue while also to lockdown people.

Bitcoin For Covid Mega-Deal

2022-08-20 - Saturday

Covid Bitcoin, Person On The Internet, Joey Arnold unknown.png

Bitcoin For Covid Conversion

Bitcoin For Covid Mega-Deal. Give me $500 worth of Bitcoin and I will inject a Covid-19 infected napkin into my body for ten days. You might be able to kill me or at least make me suffer. I will also send you double the money after 2030. That is the second part of the deal. Watch my videos where I talk about this in details.

Retarded Oatmeal

2022-08-21 - Sunday

Memes World Productions Banner, Fun Gang Version unknown.png

Join Memes World Productions Today

Some people like to point fingers at other people and say, "They're retarded, mentally challenged, due to disorders, diseases, genetic defect, etc." However, who here is perfect? The reality of the matter is everybody's retarded but in different ways. A lot of people can be all retarded in one sort of way and that way can become the norm. It can become very normal and the perception can then become that the norm is not retarded. But perception is not reality. So, sure, some people are more retarded than other people. But at the same time, people can also be retarded and special in different ways. It's like different flavors of ice-cream because in the end it will all just melt away. My statement for Memes World Productions on Discord.

For me, I don't block people because then I would be blocking people all day. Because there are literally millions to billions of people I would block. Celebrities like me don't have time to block people when we get our little nails broken. But that's the difference between me and some people. I'm playing at a different level.

Fauci Out, YouTube Banned Andrew Tate

2022-08-22 - Monday

Memes World Fart Boys vs Fun Gang, two Sniffs unknown.png

Join The Memes Wars While You Still Can, Click Here, Clock Is Ticking

Top lady of the CDC said the CDC made big mistakes regarding the thing people stick in their arms, Ron has mentioned it, Trump needs to tell people that people lied to Trump regarding all of it. Trump must be pressured by everyone everyday until this happens.

Fox News refused to look at the data Steve Kirsch had on fack-zines which came from scientific studies, the numbers are there, the patterns. Steve is not the only guy with numbers. But FAKE NEWS refuse to look at the numbers.

My approach is to address criticism, be it fair or not, be it constructive or not, piece by piece as it comes. My desire would be to only address a type of criticism on the record one time for the record in videos and articles and everything for the world to see. So, I made an hour-long video briefly talking about some of the Sunday Discord drama. In the future, the next time something "TOO-SIMILAR" happens, I could say something like, "Oh yeah, I made a video about that already years ago, you can go check that out if you want, moving on."

America had over half of the wealth of the world in the 1950s. America was only 4% of the total population of all the humans on the planet during that decade. But America was the best. That is why the world wanted to go to the United States.

Facebook Attacked Tyler Merritt

2022-08-23 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2022-08-23 14-32-32 Covid Candace Owens NWO.png

Candace Owens

Fox News boiling the frogs, betraying people, Trump, justice. Fox rose in 1994, struggled for years, and exploded in 2000 as Bush Jr was elected US President. Exploded like News Max did in 2021. Fox exploded due to conservatives. You the people. Fox is worse than CNN because Fox is deceptive. Extremely deceptive.

Ted Cruz is attacking FREE SPEECH to question governmental narratives via parroting the fake news talking points regarding Sandy, they took Alex out of context. If you disagree with me, then you were probably tricked by their weaponized traps.

Facebook told Tyler Merritt that the freedom of speech violates their policy. Facebook stopped Tyler from posting a little thing that mentioned the first amendment.

FBI Weaponized

2022-08-24 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2022-08-24 18-10-48 Marjorie Taylor Greene.png

FBI being weaponized against freedom.

When Obama debated Mitt Romney in 2012, Mitt agreed with Obama on too many points meaning Obama and Romney were both RINOS. Obama is a leftist RINO. Romney is a right RINO. But they're both puppets. We are talking fake left and fake right in a sense politically. Roy Merrick either knows this already and therefore might be very bad or Roy is ignorant of what I am saying which possibly makes him stupid.

Unstoppable Patience of Unbeatable Justice

2022-08-25 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2022-08-25 02-43-10.png

Why is FireFox forgetting my passwords each day?

The Patience of Unstoppable Justice. Tanya Fear mentioned this verse. The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance." 2 Peter 3:9.

There were 2,755 billionaires globally in 2021 according to Forbes. United States was number one at 724 billionaires. China was in second place with 698. England and Australia are not even in the top ten.

I'm watching Facebook Mark Zuckerberg talk to Joe Rogan for three hours about virtual/augmented reality, technology, body-mind experience, the future, Matrix, Ready Player One, Wall-E, Terminator, immersive, etc.


Rogan Facebook Pizza Berries Day

2022-08-26 - Friday

Joey Arnold Cartoon Character unknown.png

Roy Merrick Meme of Oatmeal Joey, find Roy on my Discord.

Mark Zuckerberg said the right and the left both don't want to see stuff that is wrong. But that is wrong. I want to see what people think right or wrong. I don't want to keep wrong from getting out. I want it all to get out. Mark said in a video years ago that Facebook is a platform for all ideas. Later on, Mark said just kidding.

Cough Thing

2022-08-27 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2022-08-27 15-28-09 Tim Pool Writer.png

A writer at TimCast.com

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched TheFacebook at Harvard while he was still a student. It started spreading to other colleges. It was even at my college in 2006. I had to use my college email address to make an account that first time around that time. Students started graduating college and yet they continued using Facebook. The website was opened for the general public to join in 2007. I actually joined back when it was still in the beta version, back when it was college students only on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook did an interview with Joe Rogan for three hours last Thursday. What are your thoughts?

Maria Zeee Media

2022-08-28 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2022-08-28 16-41-15 Maria Zeee of Zeee Media.png

Maria Zeee of Zeee Media

If you thought Covid Lockdowns globally were bad, wait until you see Climate Lockdowns coming to a country near you very soon. Do nothing and you will be sorry for ignoring this warning. 2023 global famines, droughts, food shortages, no food. Major articles have mentioned this. What will you do to prepare for this? The cabal is trying to fling up a new Jan6 trap for the fall of 2022. The Democrats told the FBI to tell Facebook to suppress the laptop. Sounds like a big game of telephone.

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg told Joe Rogan he was sorry for influencing the 2020 election against Trump. Check out Maria Zeee of Zeee Media in Australia. She is beautiful. Check out her website. You can only travel up to 30 minutes each day in the future, that is the plan. Are you happy?

UK's Pawn Was Hitler

2022-08-29 - Monday

Joey Arnold Oatmeal, ALex Jones, Take Food, Memes World, Take Food Famine 2030 NWO unknown.png

Alex Jones Joey Arnold Lil Sniff

British intelligence set up Hitler to fall. It was a trap. Hitler was a fall guy. Last Monday, 90,000 people were watching Steven Crowder on Rumble as they were banned off YouTube for a week. At that point, Rumble was beating YouTube for live stream views. FDA approved an electronic pill.

Millions people already died from 2020 to 2022, as in currently, as in ongoing, according to the UN, according to others as well, due to starvation and other things, due to lockdowns, because food was not being shipped out to stores, etc, and Roy Merrick has the audacity to simply compare the plandemic to Y2K in a way as to say we should worship global tyranny and end up in Agenda 2030 as Matrix Wall-E Slaves and worse.

Snap Chat Ban, Trump Vaccine Murders People

2022-08-30 - Tuesday

Oatmeal Joey AI Robot Made index.jpeg

AI robot website made this drawing of me for me.

Almost 3.1 billion people could not afford a healthy diet in 2020, up 112 million from 2019, reflecting the effects of inflation in consumer food prices stemming from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place to contain it. Climate Lockdown in 2023? The plan is as soon as possible. Most likely after the 2022 elections which means 2023. But they have to make sure not too many freedom lovers win in the elections. So they have to super rig and cheat and everything ten times harder than 2020. But regardless, they will always try to put the world back into lockdowns and everything else too.

Lock Step was mentioned on page 18 of the Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development report which was published by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network (GBN) in May of 2010. I expect to have over 1,000 subscribers (I got 202 right now) and 4,000 public watch hours (I got 311 hours right now) by 2024. That is my current goal. I do not expect to grow faster than that. Unless if a lot of people genuinely liked me or whatever. But it is hard to say. I do expect to continue to grow a little each day as that has been the pattern. I don't see why things would magically change out of blue.

The Value in Families, Craiyon.com

2022-08-31 - Wednesday

austin powers harry potter wearing beanie AI 4389583294583489589348543334 index.jpeg

Austin Powers Harry Potter wearing a beanie, created by CrAIyon.com

Raising kids can be hard. Tom Pool has an idea. What? No. Who the Hell is is Tom Pool? I mean Tim Cast. Here is an idea. How about one person gathers money, resources, out there. Get this. Here is the twist. Imagine the other person staying at home to raise the children. What could we call this magical thing? Wait. I got it. Ummmm. A fa fa fa fa, umm, fam, wait for it about 9 months, ily. A family. Bingo.

"Joseph Scott Rasp Morehead Mitchell Pickett Henderson "Oatmeal Joey Arnold Joeyarnoldvn" 1985 Oregon Meaomnia L4OJ Ojawall WOLBI Vietnam Salvationarmy USA America Trump Infowars Alexjones Arnoldattic Ironicmystic.jpg"



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They Alex Jones You

Fuck Alex Jones Avatar

Shed Doors Finished

Stopping Free Speech Forever

FBI Raids Trump, Laura Loomer For Congress

Facebook Gave Nebraska Cops a Girl's Private Messages so they could prosecute her


Heat Power Over Solar Power


Hollywood Suck But Gina Carano Cool

Tummy Pain Awakening

Strawberry Cage Make

Wood Trailer Filled Up

Anne Heche was in Toxic Skies

Trump Trolls Democrats

Las Vegas Friday Night Tights

Bitcoin For Covid Mega-Deal

Retarded Oatmeal

Fauci Out, YouTube Banned Andrew Tate

Facebook Attacked Tyler Merritt

FBI Weaponized

Unstoppable Patience of Unbeatable Justice

Rogan Facebook Pizza Berries Day

Cough Thing

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UK's Pawn Was Hitler

Snap Chat Ban, Trump Vaccine Murders People

The Value in Families, Craiyon.com




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