Dead Wing Dork Duck did a three-hour SUPER SECRET SOON TO BE BANNED AND DELETED AND DESTROYED UNLISTED YouTube live-stream video WHICH YOU WILL NEVER EVER WATCH, I BET YOU ZERO CENTS YOU WILL NEVER WATCH about me on the evening of Valentines Day of 2022 (which was yesterday), I started watching it today around 09:00 PM. He reacted to some of my home videos. I was laughing while watching. Well, I have to say that I've made so many videos, articles, memes, etc, that I don't even remember half of the thousands of videos I've done. As of 2021, I've made around 40 video channels on YouTube and at least three of them were terminated due to copyrighted music in the background back when I would live-stream at cafes and at McDonald's and/or perhaps I was suspended for a combination of reasons. I would probably delete most of my videos and other things off the face of the Internet. I said I probably would but I will not. Why? Long story. Very long story. I will tell you more about that later, to be continued.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2022-02-15 - Tuesday | Published in February of 2022





9:00 PM - 12:00 AM apx
Dead Wing Dork - Live Dive: ArnoldAttic, What Are You?



INFOWARS BANNER - dUIaa.caa.1-Infowars-qoc09f.jpeg


01:18 AM

Billions of people are dying right now from Covid Vaccines slowly over a few years into the future, each year the numbers get higher, 2022 is big and 2023 will be bigger and so on and so forth.



2014-05-25 Me 01 FAV AVATAR.jpg


12:39 PM
@Roy Merrick, how do I answer that question directly? when i sometimes indirectly answer questions, you say i am not answering them..... the true origin of the universe was and is probably that God did it. However, that does not mean God did. I am saying God probably did. I am not going to say evolution and the Big Bang did not happen. I am not going to say I know how old the universe is.





2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg


09:20 PM
If this video is about my home videos which I started making with family and friends in 1996 in Oregon back when I was turning eleven years old, then I will have you know a thing or two, just kidding or maybe I'm not kidding, who knows. I'm writing this from my current main channel on YouTube, not to be confused with the roughly 35 other channels I have on YouTube plus around three banned accounts which had thousands of videos which YouTube took.

I am still watching this live-stream video here by the DeadwingDork channel which I've not seen before. I may follow you guys. If I do end up watching through this video, I may have more to say. If you go to my channel here, you would see links to some of my other channels which would include the ones mentioned in this video, meaning some of these videos were posted to Arnold Attic, L4OJ, Ojawall (banned), Joeyarnoldvn (banned), JoeyArnoldTV (banned), Original Oatmeal, Oatmeal English, and/or etc, etc.

Over the years, I've received mixed responses of mockery, praise, etc. I'm going to watch this video with an open mind as I don't know what will be said both good, bad, ugly, etc. I've made a few videos and articles talking about my life and about some of this in the past.

The title of this video I'm responding to has a question, "Live Dive: ArnoldAttic, What Are You?" Well, that is the title to the video. The answer to that question would be tough to answer. It would take me many hours to explain what I mean.

I have mixed feelings regarding my videos, articles, memes, etc. I've been on the Internet posting and God knows what for over twenty years now. I kind of like some of what I've put out there and some of it I think sucks balls or lack therein. In other words, I do not like some of my videos, photos, memes, articles, posts, blogs, etc. There is probably a lot of stuff of mine on the world wide web which I think is stupid and/or a wide variety of things. I am very critical of myself. I'm a perfectionist. I am many many things. But I am not going to bore you with all of that right now. I purposely chose to put my stuff out onto the Internet many years ago. I still choose to do that for many reasons. I even put out stuff of my mine that I despise, disagree with, etc, etc, etc, etc. I am not going to talk all about why I choose to put my things onto the Internet right now. But there are many reasons why and I've written articles on my blog talking about some of that in the past.

I'm not going to try to give you a summary of everything I've done, that would take forever to to talk about, but I will say that one of my goals with the Arnold Attic and the Forty Four Tapes and the 58 DVDs projects over the past several decades was to simply archive my home videos. I simply wanted to copy the tapes from VHS to DVD and then to my hard drives and to the Internet. I wanted that to be the foundation to anything else I may have ended up doing afterwards.

And that ended up being easier said than done. To those who may not know, I ran into problems over the years copying the videos. On top of that, I still have some VHS tapes I still have not copied yet. Some of them even have broken tape inside the tape. I was even finding some VHS tapes a few months ago.

I am going to stop typing for now.

Besides, this is not my blog. This is your channel, not mine. I still have so much I want to say about everything. But I am currently copying some old 3.5 inch floppy hard disks via ddrescue and testdisk and other programs on Ubuntu Mate 16.04 (my operating system).

19:15 - Correct, that is me, made by me. Why? Long story.

19:55 - That was not the original title of this video. But I changed the title to some of my videos a few times. There are backstories to these types of videos that I would make mostly around 2010-2012. I've made other types of videos too.

I've made around 40 YouTube channels as of like 2021, minus around three banned accounts.

Should I make a React video where I watch my own videos and explain them?

Tiffany Cumbo was a childhood friend of mine who died in 2003 when she was sixteen. I wanted to put her in some of these videos, it's kind of sentimental. Some of these videos were supposed to be like Teaser Trailers for the longer versions which I was going to upload,

Beyonce versus the Joe Rogan Word.

35:40 - According to Nerdrotic, Hobbits were not black but perhaps some may have tans.

Some of the videos of mine featured click-bait titles.

38:40 - Did I make that video? That was kind of retarded of me.

39:37 - I find 99% of my own videos as super cringe. So, why don't I remove them off the Internet? Good question. But it would take a long time to explain.

41:20 - That video about Tiffany Cumbo was so badly done. I would advice people not to watch my old videos. I need to promise myself to discontinue from uploading poorly done videos. No, I am not insane. But, long story.

Dare me to make a reaction video to this video.


1:00:05 - I said "You will see the most and greatest fighting in the world" at the beginning of the 1996 hour-long Power Rangers parody movie we made.

1:02:00 - Arnold Attic - Story of a Billy Boy, AKA the Billy Breaker which is the character of the Arnold Attic story which was meant to be an analogy of my life. In other words, Billy is a parody of me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold.

1:06:00 - I was teaching English in Vietnam for five years, long story.

1:07:58 - That is my dad.

To answer one of your questions, I started watching Red Letter Media some years ago, I got hooked on the Star Wars prequel reviews he did, been watching ever since like the early 2010s.

1:18:14 - I didn't learn how to talk well until I was like ten, started making videos when I was eleven, I was partly deaf the first year or so my life. Had hearing tubes in my ears until I was like ten. I was homeschooled until high school. So, I would struggle with sounds like CH, etc. So, I probably still can't say some things. But sometimes I might be doing some of the incorrect pronunciation purposely, accidentally, etc.

1:23:30 - Yeah, CH is hard to say. SH is hard to say. That video I made about Star Wars is cringe. I would redo it now and talk more normal. I sometimes talked not normal in the past on purpose. But sometimes I was not aware. Sometimes I was just all over the place in my head. So, it looks like I am high. But I am not. But my brain goes all over the place all of the time, just like those Attic Teaser Trailers. Those videos are kind of like a window into my mind.

01:31:05 - the avatar of Forty Four is me of when I became a member of The Salvation Army in 2010.

01:31:35 - I said I was banned from Infowars, but specifically it was the forums they had and it's a long story. I did a series of articles talking about that called Banning Oatmeal. To an extent, upon reflection, I would say now that what I said was misleading in some ways. Because I was technically banned from the forum website which was done partly or mostly by a third-party. I was possibly suspended for being too aggressive in defending myself as there were others mocking me, like Internet Bullying in a sense. I wasn't really too insulted. But at the same time, I wanted people to hear my side of the story. Ultimately, the entire forum website was discontinued possibly due to those trolls or whatever they were. It's a long story and I was making a big deal about it. But I probably did a bad job at explaining why I was making a big deal about that. And I would agree that I still barely explain myself regarding many things. But as I get older, I do reconsider changing how I do things. So, my goal is to discontinue from some things, gradually, etc. Long story, will be continued. By the way, my stuff is not copyrighted. In other words, I don't really care what people do, etc. People can do whatever they want with my stuff.

1:37:30 - I do not take meds. I am against Q Qanon.

1:43:50 - Does it matter when people get banned? Good question. It's a debate worth having.

1:49:30 - Ironic Mystic was the name of a universal video game console I came up around 1995. I drew some drawings of it, the idea was that it would be able to accept games from Nintendo, SEGA, Sony, Atari, etc.

Born in 1985. Started filming in 1996.

2:05:55 - I liked Tiffany Cumbo off and on, I knew her since I was a kid and then she died. I kind of felt like at times I could have saved her because I was going to call her the night she died in 2003.

2:13:05 - In my life, my pronunciation was off. Yeah, I said chertain or shertain instead of certain. That unintentional. Now, many of my videos were not really made for people to watch. Well, I say yes and no to that, long story. But that video you watched me of talking about the date I may have met some random kid as you put it, Tiffany, that video is boring to me now.

2:23:50 - The video about me talking about getting banned from an Infowars forum probably didn't do a good job at explaining what happened, I mean even if you did watch it.

Your Twitch comments, true dat.


Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

What Are You Doing Ruff Ruff 2015.jpg

The Gilded Age: 104: A Long Ladder

2022-02-15 - Tuesday - 03:58 AM - 04:54 AM - The Gilded Age: 104: A Long Ladder

Dog is lost. What people should do and do do aren't always the same. The black girl, Peggy Scott, had a good meeting at a printing press. He liked what she said and told her to write about it, 200 words, the thing about black people shouldn't really align with either political party, the right or left, if they do not have the right to vote. Well, technically, did they have the right to vote or not vote? What if you were half black or quarter black? I do not know the answer as people are always shades of colors. People are partly many things. Therefore, black people are part white and white people are part black. If black people cannot vote because they are black, then white people cannot vote either because white people are part black too. Her friend gave her shoes. She was insulted, to think her family was poor. But I would take the shoes. Opera. Happy ending.


Here is a list of what I'm watching

02:28 AM
1987 - Top Pop - The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian • TopPop

The Gilded Age: 104: A Long Ladder

2022-02-15 - Tuesday - 03:58 AM - 04:54 AM - The Gilded Age: 104: A Long Ladder

12:45 PM
Rubin Report - Jordan Peterson Has a Difficult Message for the Freedom Convoy | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

12:48 PM
Viva Frei - Trudeau Invokes the Emergencies Act - Viva Frei Live

12:51 PM
Tim Cast - American Defects To China To Compete In Olympics, Falls, Starts Crying

12:57 PM
Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - Someone Tried ASSASSINATING Kentucky Democrat w/Daniel Turner & Olivia Rondeau

05:28 PM
Tim Cast - Timcast IRL - Freedom Convoy Warns Of Government FALSE FLAG After Weapons Arrests w/Drew Hernandez

9:00 PM - 12:00 AM apx
Dead Wing Dork - Live Dive: ArnoldAttic, What Are You?

Timestamps: All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) unless otherwise noted. Daily Oatmeal Post. Welcome to the Oatmeal Daily with your host, Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Each day, I publish these entries, posts, articles, web pages, stories, etc. This is mostly a personal blog, diary, journal, or autobiography. However, some of this may be useful, applicable, inspirational, educational, entertaining. However, the template here is mostly that of a boring log. I've included my watch log near the bottom of this post listing some of the videos I've viewed. At the very bottom are some of my favorite links worth sharing. 03:13 AM, I wrote to YouTube regarding JoeyArnoldVN. You sent me an email stating, "To reinstate your account, you need to sign in and verify it as soon as possible." I verified my account but am still unable to access my lost video archive which I need a copy of. We are talking about home videos of my trip in Vietnam. I do not have copies of these home videos which I made. Dear diary journal blog, I got up at 12:00 PM. As you get older, you may have to delegate and do stuff yourself less. That can be hard. She said she bought herself candy yesterday and he was excited and said give me some. Transition to new building, that can be hard if people put off jobs or do them too poorly at times. Drills and saws the other day. Boxes in truck, I mentioned in previous days. Jobs assigned for me. Woke up with that Walk Like An Egyptian song in my head. Breakfast, 12:27 PM. Sweep. Scrubs a few spots, kitchen floor. Vacuum. Compost. Some talk. Plan ahead. My goal was to spend less than 50% of what I made each month in Vietnam I said. That was the case sometimes. Perhaps as low as 10 percent was the goal and I sometimes reached my goals to some extent. I was generally spending less than what I was making. I mentioned that. Lunch, 02:00 PM. Normal chores and stuff today. 3.5 inch floppy work today. My laptop started going slow the last five or so hours of today. Will need to fix that. Dinner around 7. Dishes. Dork video. End day. Food log: Breakfast: orange, tea, 12:27 PM. Lunch: toast, 02:00 PM. Dinner: spaghetti on tomato soup stuff, like around 7 or something. Footnote: You can find my blogs hosted and mirrored on different websites. Google my display name, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, lookup my username, Joeyarnoldvn, type in random keywords like 1985 Oregon, etc, in order to find out where you can find me on different websites, social media networks, blockchains, other links, other sites across the Internet, or click here. The web address or URL for my blogs is/are generally domain-name / @joeyarnoldvn. Just replace domain-name with the name of the website. It might be Peakd . com or Ecency . com or Steemit . com or Hive . 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