Shoveling Snow. Before getting the Covid Vaccine, read the ingredients, the insert. And tell yourself, oh, I am putting this thing in my body, that is awesome. And oh, I am putting this other thing in my body. It is not a vaccine. Ignorance is Bliss. It's cool when you don't know you don't know something. It's cool when millions of people are likely to die or very close to it in 2021 because of Covid Vaccines.

Money is Dying

Cannot wait for the dollar to die. A study found that over 80% of those who got Covid were vitamin-D deficient. And the Flu magically disappeared during the winter. If you're going off the CDC website, you should make a list of the exact numbers.

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Ministries of the Cross - February of 2021 Newsletter
The churches in America of the 21st century have become increasingly distant from what the bible actually says.
Grand Shift in Media Coverage

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2021-02-13 - Saturday

Oatmeal Daily - 2021-02-13 - Saturday
Published in February of 2021

Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, get your hands off my dick.jpeg

Michelle Obama, "Joe Biden, get your hands off my dick."

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Learn English You Can Eat: Communication is Fundamental

Learning About Hive Blog

09:01 AM - Hive Blog

As people like your posts on Hive Blog, you earn more points which means 2 things, first, money or cryptocurrencies. But also, number two, it means power. It is important to understand what power means.

Regarding Honduras

09:04 AM - Hive Blog

You can ask @jsarnold316 himself. Well, Rick likes to try to help regardless and some people are interested in Christianity still. Yeah, there were many Catholics in Vietnam too and yet I saw Christians and met with them in Saigon for example.

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Facebook Email Service Gone

09:23 AM

Today I just found out that back in 2014, Facebook Discontinues Email Service. They had an email service for 5 years, 2010-2014. I tried emailing myself from Proton Mail to Facebook and it failed. So, then I had to Google it.

Oatmeal Health

You Are What You Eat: Natural Remedies

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Talking About Aliens

01:00 PM - Family Facebook Conversation Chat

E.T. said, "Aww man, I left my iPhone back on Pluto. I can't phone home. Do you guys have any interstellar phone booths?"

Getting Around Facebook Censorship

03:47 PM - Facebook Message

i like to post banned items to my blog and then share the link to my blog on Facebook to get around things that may get censored

Facebook blocks some specific URLs and some domain names. But there are some domains Facebook may not ban like say YouTube for example. Specific YouTube URLs may be individually blocked, manually. It takes them more time to block individual URLs. That's like blocking individual burner phone numbers as opposed to entire phone carriers, services like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc. It would be insane if Facebook were to block YouTube because of how big it is. But I think Facebook does block the Brighteon domain completely. I wonder if Facebook would ever block Hive Blog, Gab, Minds, or Bitchute, as those domains are pretty big.

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To My Brother Regarding Hive

12:49 PM - To @rsarnold316

I created your Hive Blog. I posted your first post. Because your account is new, you don't have a lot of power yet meaning you can only post 2 times every week or maybe more. That number can increase as people like your posts, as you are given more power, then you can post more often. I emailed you a password for your new email. You don't have to use your new email. You don't need this new email I made for you. I will be sending you passwords for your Hive Blog.

I create your first post to help your Hive Blog grow to get some money and some more power so you can post more often as it grows.

I wrote some typos in my message to you above. You can begin to post more often as you get more likes.

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Bio Intro

2021-02-13 - Saturday - 12:23 AM LMS JA

Oatmeal Joey Arnold, Filmmaker, Musician, Writer, Actor, Producer, YouTuber, Researcher, Creator, Inventor, Designer, Doctor, Pastor, Encourager, Hope Over Dope

Being Consistent

09:11 AM - Hive Blog

I literally create daily text files and have them all ready for my daily posts for each month. So, I have these template text files with the daily template. I copy and paste from that file into the new daily files and then add in specific date and day of the week for each new file while keeping the template files separate. I have monthly and annual templates. I have bunch of templates and things I make to try to take shortcuts. I hate repetition. So, I'm always looking for ways to make things easier and faster. Here is a screenshot example of the daily posts for February of 2021 as seen in the tabs of my Pluma text editor program on this Ubuntu operating system I'm using on my Lenovo Yoga laptop here near Seattle each day as snow is falling today:

Screenshot at 2021-02-13 09:08:24 Daily files.png

Two Lies

2021-02-13 - Saturday - 12:17 PM LMS JA

They don't just lie, they double lie. Not only do they lie to say there was no election fraud, they lie for the other side in order to discredit the truth because then when people choose to believe the second lie, they can say that is a lie. They're right, the second lie is a lie as well. Whet they don't tell you is that the first lie is a lie too.


The second lie or the additional lies is in regards to the specifics regarding how the election was stolen. The truth is it was stolen in a variety of ways. Not only that, they were trying their best to steal it in a variety of ways. Some of those things worked and some of them not so much. However, the lie says that people came in from the Internet to manually alter the election results. There may be additional lies as well regarding technical aspects to all of this. Now, not to say that there was no manual manipulation at all. So, not an absolute lie. They like using partial lies.


But for the most part, the majority of the theft was preprogrammed. In other words, whether or not the voting machines was connected to the Internet is not the biggest problem. They get you with these two lies. They seek to control the narrative by controlling both sides. They try to put words in your mouth. Some people may fall for either of the lies. It becomes confusing when there are competing lies which appears to be on the different political paradigms. A wide variety of things happened during the election. It's difficult for the average person to understand because of all the lies all around it.


You can call for not a fake ballot audit in your county today and each day but rather for a forensic ballot audit to archive signatures, addresses, dates, numbers of ballots, the actual documents, verifying the voter roll, confirming each voter had identification documents, making sure no ballots were counted more than one time, making sure each disqualified ballot is removed from the final ballot count, making sure each voter is allowed to vote in that particular county, making sure each voter is still alive, making sure each voter is of voter age, making sure each voter is American, making sure each voter is not in prison or ineligible to vote for any reason, making sure each voter is a resident of that state and county, checking to see if each voter has not already voted in a different state or precinct, making sure each voter is human and not an animal, making sure each voter is not using fake names in order to vote more than once, and making sure lost ballot boxes are found and then counted. Many times, ballots are shredded. Many ballots were thrown away. Many ballots were not counted.

Fake People?

01:25 PM - Facebook

Duglan Hogarth
I would never do that oatmeal man

How about you just write down your own name? But seriously, this is only for fake people who uses really hot girls as their profile photos. They come to me and I simply tell them to prove to me they're real.

Hive Blog

03;04 PM

Turmeric is almost as cool as garlic. Thanks for the post.


04:59 PM

I remember ice-skating at a place in Hawaii and it was fun.

My Brother & Hive

05:27 PM

But I will be encouraging my brother to join this Discord. Rick knows very little about blockchain and crypto. We're taking baby steps.


but how do you login with an email? what does that mean? are you talking about how you log in, what you type in when logging in, or are you talking about getting an email confirmation as a security measure for logging in?

Covid Vaccine

10:31 PM

And tell yourself, oh, I am putting this thing in my body, that is awesome.

Ignorance is Bliss

It's cool when you don't know you don't know something.

It's cool when millions of people are likely to die or very close to it in 2021 because of Covid Vaccines.

Cannot wait for the dollar to die.

A study found that over 80% of those who got Covid were vitamin-D deficient.

And the Flu magically disappeared during the winter

If you're going off the CDC website, you should make a list of the exact numbers


11:33 PM - Hive Blog

That divorced character, the main lead, the mother, reminds me of the star of that movie called The Others, oh I remember her name now, Nicole Kidman.

The Blogging Challenge

11:41 PM - Blog Post

Why are there similar posts in this community? I was browsing through and I thought I saw a few posts that were similar to these types of topics. I thought this community was similar to the Freewrite community which had a wide range of potential topics which were allowed. Which topics are not allowed? Are you saying the blog challenge is only if you post a daily blog entry that simply talks about vague generalities without getting into specifics topics which some people don't like? Is that the point of this group, to be focused on very specific challenges? I thought I saw a wide variety of topics included in this community. So, it is very difficult for a new person like my brother @rsarnold316 to know what is permitted when you can see a wide variety of themes and categories represented in this group.


Finding Alice

2021-02-13 - Saturday - 01:02 AM - 01:51 AM - Finding Alice 101

They were together for 20 years. He designed the house. They move in. He falls down the stairs and dies. Alice has to now find herself. Good introduction music. The father was Harry. A smart house. Hello Harry. No, George or whatever, his son. What? He had a secret son? He was dead. The dad. Bank accounts frozen. That is why you should own your private keys. Don't have your money in those types of banks.


Finding Alice

2021-02-13 - Saturday - 01:02 AM - 01:51 AM - Finding Alice 101

Brighteon Mike Adams

12:13 PM - TEXIT: Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement explains the BENEFITS to secession

Wil Paranormal


X22 Report


Dear diary, got up at 08:40 AM or so, it is still snowing off and on since my birthday on Thursday. Friday, it was deeper. Saturday, even deeper at like 10 inches or whatever. It is still snowing. Made a Hive Blog account for my brother Saturday. Today and for days it looks like the wind is blowing the snow mostly from like the north towards the south or like from where my bike is locked up at outside on the fence and towards and over the fence and onto the table under the covered patio in the backyard. The BBQ doesn't have as much snow as it is farther away from the fence. Larry did do snow shoveling as I saw. I got up to do it and he did it. We see the birds. Mom was talking to me about the birds, the snow, and everything. I am thinking of adding batteries to the security camera outside to capture the snow more. It may be out by now. Work snow shoveling the driveway, sidewalk; bird feeder cleaning, refilling, helping with truck battery maintenance, from like 9 am to 12:00 PM noon, around three hours. Replace security camera batteries. All cold, snow, wet. Icy. Wore work gloves. Now, in dry clothes. Ran outside to refill the squirrel igloo with food around 5 PM, shook snow off the large evergreen tree branches, no mail, pants wet from walking in the snow, back inside around 05:30 PM. I posted for my brother on his new Hive Blog, 3 posts so far. Oh, now four counting the first one I posted for Rick on Friday. Dishes around 6:30 PM. Maybe earlier I started and until like 07:30 PM or maybe closer to 07:00 PM. Ate some soup after that while watching bits and pieces of Avengers End Game and then a few minutes of Captain America: Civil War. I think that one. It was a Captain America movie. Pretty sure it said Civil War. There might have been a third movie too. All on at the same time on different channels. I was doing my laundry and took a shower until about 8 PM. Also had some ice-cream and other snacks. Around 8 PM for like thirty minutes I was watching a 2017 movie called Girls Trip or something like that starring 4 black women including Queen Latifa and the wife of Will Smith who I know from the Fox channel Gotham series. Interesting movie. I saw a rat outside around the backyard covered patio. It is snowing again now in the evening. Back to the super heroes, I couldn't remember the name of the character Scarlett Johansson played in End Game and thought her performance sucked or perhaps her character was that sad. It was the end of the world by the way. I was focused on her. Saw the part where Ant Man came. In Civil War, I see Iron Man talk to Spider Man who webs him to a door and he is like get me out of here in a calm voice. I saw miss Marvel in one of those movies say there are thousands of planets just like earth having problems just like you guys and that is why I am going to be gone for a while. Trump said that in 2020. But I was thinking maybe she will be gone for a long time because she sucks. I feel like I come up with good ideas when I am washing dishes or other random things. But then I lose the thoughts and songs and everything and that is why I make videos and write blogs and everything else to try to save it all before I lose them as I often do. I lost my beanie hat today for example. Eventually found it but still it was hard. It is weird to watch TV and then I want to screenshot parts but I can't because it is just a television and not a laptop. It is now almost 9 PM. Some coffee now.

We can do video chat 10 PM my time. Or before 3 AM. You are about 15 hours ahead of my time.For example, it's 01:18 PM right now my time. It is Saturday here in America and it is Sunday in the Philippines.

What time did try to call me? It was 02:18 AM my time and I think 05:18 PM your time. So, I think you can try to call me between 11 AM to 6 PM your time. Maybe try to tell me when.

Food Log

Here is what I'm eating, drinking, consuming, digesting, my diet.

Breakfast: coffee. Apple around 08:55 AM.
Lunch: big fruit vegi salad in a big bowl around noon to 1 PM
Dinner: Soup around 7 PM while watching TV, see notes

My Brother Joined Hive Blog

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