The positive impact of ornamental plants

Hello Guys... How are you today?

How do you feel when you see one of the ornamental flowers growing in your yard ? Do you feel comfortable when your eye contact looks at him ! For me, it is a sight that can calm the soul and automatically get a comfortable state.

If it is, then lucky you, because your soul has a good nature and you also have a high social nature, because by instinct humans are noble social creatures, but sometimes we ignore it.

So, it's no wonder why every woman likes flowers, because the woman's soul is very gentle and loving and that condition is human nature in the original.


Basically, women and men have different perceptions in seeing things and that's not all because every human being has a different mindset in receiving the contact of something that is seen, a cursory vision and at the beginning of the vision make us hesitate in concluding but when we see the truth we will be able to unite a perception when concluding.

Seeing one of the flowers growing in your yard is certainly an interesting thing, especially if you see this kossandra plant. This ornamental plant is one of the ornamental plants found by humans to be researched and cultivated in cultivation. In our region, this houseplant is named after the Cossandra flower. Does the name also have the same in mentioning it? As we call it here?


Have a positive value when it is in our area, especially in the home page or other

I once attended a social class when I was in the learning process, in that process a teacher said that there are many advantages when someone has contact with an ornamental plant. In simple terms it can be said that, it can give positive changes in the electrical activity of the brain, relax tense muscles and accelerate blood circulation in the heart, it occurs when eye contact with each ornamental plant for a certain time.

The same thing was also conveyed by a researcher named "Danica-Lea Larcombe from Edith Cowan University" he added, every person or woman who is very often exposed to direct contact with every ornamental plant chooses a low mortality rate and this is also recognized by The World Health Organization at a health meeting a few years ago.


There are so many advantages to being in your yard, one of which is as mentioned above, and another important thing is that it has other positive impacts such as being able to cover dryness in front of the house, especially if your house is in an urban area, and is said to be a form of greenery an area that belongs to an arid area from an arid location, so that the location of your home becomes beautiful and comfortable.

I myself have various kinds of ornamental plants that have been cultivated by my own wife, and when watering them makes my soul feel at ease and when it makes something different in the sense of having positive qualities, whether it has been accepted by the eye, or the soul itself simply, I always feel at home around him.

Moreover, this crossandra flower for me has a good positive value, both in terms of color and other aspects. The color it has is my own favorite color because the color it contains has a soft and charming nature, especially if the color changes to yellow and at the same time it makes me very personal.


Maybe you often visit a hospital, when you enter the yard you will see every ornamental flower planted in a row in front of the yard, this activity tells us that, at the beginning of your first meeting you will be made comfortable when someone's eye contact sees it. People say green is a cool color, so people who look at it will also receive a positive aura at that time. Thus every plant has it that means every plant has its own healing power in that regard.

You must follow the work, because this activity has health and behavioral effects that are very easy for everyone to do, even in our area we don't spend a lot of money to do this activity, because in our area there are still many ornamental plants that grow alone in certain locations, so we just come pick it up and process it.


This, as evidenced by the condition of my wife who has a history of shortness of breath, about 3 years ago she was hospitalized and it was very painful. Then the doctor gave preventive medicine and suggested that you always move with something that looks beautiful or that has a positive value in a location. Thus the initial activity was carried out by doing close activities with every beautiful plant and finally the disease was gradually cured, because he always breathed the fresh air found in every yard of ornamental plants located in our yard.

In addition, doctors also recommend doing sports activities such as swimming in the water or more precisely on the beach.

To be continue

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