PETALS community: for all flower and plant lovers

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For all those flower lovers, whether you like to grow them or simply admire them and capture an image for posterity, this can be your community, and is it that who does not like to enjoy the beauty and aroma of a flower?



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Although it has not only been made exclusively for flowers, if you like to admire a plant or tree that does not bloom that only shows its beauty with its beautiful leaves and / or trunk, you can also share it with us, so feel free to share your findings in this community where we hope that over time (which I hope will be little) we will grow and apply for the incubation that the ocd project is doing.



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The objective of the community is to encourage the creation of original and interesting content for the reader, we hope not only to be delighted with photographs of the plant or flower in question, but also we hope to observe the authors add truthful information about the specimen that they are showing.

The curation will be carried out and a weekly curation report is expected, in addition to this we hope to hold contests to encourage the interaction and creativity of the authors, I hope with all this to make a place full of surprises and activities.


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The rules are very basic and easy to follow

1- No plagiarism
2- No spam
3- Add a considerable amount of shots of the main object (flower or plant) and of course original photographs.
4- Own text and at least 300 words.
5- No cross publications.
6- No erotic, religious or political content.



We hope that this community is a niche welcomed and accepted by great authors, where they can share their findings and readers and curators can delight in great content and in this help hive to be an attractive place for new content creators and investors!

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Consider joining the community by clicking on the following banner

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Come on and...together let's take HIVE to the moon!

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