Random Movies From 2005

The biggest film I saw that year, the one that stuck with me the most, was Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. I was so excited to go see it. I enjoyed the entire movie. It starts out in space with the rescuing of Palpatine who later battles Yoda. The biggest confrontation is between Kenobi and Darth Vader.

That Narnia reboot movie also came out in 2005 as well. I was excited to see that talking lion, Aslan. I enjoy the lore of that franchise ever since I started watching the British version back in the 1990s. It's kind of like Peter Pan but with a lion instead of a boy and a witch instead of a pirate named Hook.

Random Movies

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Why Didn't Susan Return to Narnia?

Random Movies From 2005
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Random Movies

Here is a list of some random movies I saw that year. I may have seen some of movies that year or after that. I may have seen older movies (from previous years) that year as well. I may have seen some of these films in theater or elsewhere. This list may not be complete or entirely accurate. Most of the dates on this list are of when these movies premiered in U.S. theaters. I may not always know exactly when I saw some of these movies.

The Incredibles

2005-01-01 - Saturday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I saw it at Joy's house with Chris Zuagg and others either on the last day of 2004 which was Friday the 31st of December and/or Saturday, the first day of January of 2005. We went to New York City for the ball drop to bring in the new year and most likely it was Chris who bought the boot-leg version of the movie on DVD for $5 from a random person on the side of the street. We were at Joy's house in New Jersey some minutes before midnight. So, we might have started watching it before the start of the new year. It was a fun cartoon with comedy and they are a super hero family. I found it to be fun to watch with my friends. This movie premiered at 2004-11-05 - Friday, that is in November of 2004 in America.

The Last Samurai

2004 or 2005 - I probably saw this movie in 2004

This Tom Cruz movie is interesting, it has action, sword fighting. I saw this with Chris Zuagg and others in December of 2004 or January of 2005. It was during Christmas break back when I was attending my first college, WOLBI in New York. We either saw this movie before or after visiting New York City (NYC) for the 2005 New Years countdown. So, we might have saw it around Thanksgiving or I don't remember the exact day. We were working in the kitchen at the school in food prep, dishwashing, things like that. After work one day, we saw it like in Chris' car via laptop or in the kitchen office. Probably in the car. We might have seen it during the summer of 2004 at the earliest. I went to that college that summer to work at their camp which is held on campus. So, it could have been then in the summer or later on that fall. And I imagine not after that.

The Passion of the Christ

2005-01 - I saw this movie in January of 2005 or maybe December of 2004 or another time.

I watched this Jesus movie at Dave Kelly's place but not sure when. Might have been in January of 2005 right before the beginning of the winter term at WOLBI NY, my first college. But then again, It might have been earlier in December of 2004 or another time. But mostly likely it was in December is my best guess. Dave was an Resident Assistant (RA) of the other RAs. I believe they called it a Dorm Coordinator (DC) or I forget the exact term. My first year, Dave was probably the DC I had. The second year, it might have been Brent Whitaker or maybe I forgot his last name. But with that said, I don't know if I was at Dave's during the same school year that he was my DC. I was not compelled enough to see it in theaters in February of 2004 or was just too busy with my senior year in high school. I was partly not thinking too much about it. I saw trailers for it. I heard about it. I kind of thought it was scary and also pointless as I already know that story. I eventually saw it. It was emotionally full. I felt the passion of Christ.

The Pacifier

2005-03-04 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I probably saw this before 2010. It was a somewhat funny and interesting movie with a unique plot. I like Vin Diesel and I think Arnold and Hulk Hogan were in similar movies where they had to be like babysitters or a Kindergarten Cop in the case of Arnold for example.


2005-03-11 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I probably saw this on TV in December of 2005 in Oregon. If not, I saw it after that on TV. I forget exactly when I saw it and may have only seen bits and pieces of it. The fact Robin Williams was voicing one of the cartoon character or characters caught my attention.

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

2005-05-19 - Thursday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I think I saw this in theaters in May of 2005. The fight between Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker who was becoming Darth Vader captivated me the most even over the Emperor fighting Yoda. This is my favorite of the three prequel films. I saw this movie also at the house of Justin House. I think that is how you spell his last name. I was there around Thanksgiving 2005 for a few days.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

2005-06-10 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I eventually saw this probably before 2010. It was exciting to see Angelina Jolie fighting her husband, Brad Pitt. They were spies. They had to spy on each other.

Batman Begins

2005-06-15 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

If I didn't see it in theaters in 2005 in New York, then I saw elsewhere before 2007. My guess is before the sequel which came out in 2008. I love Batman and did enjoy this first of the three Christian Bale Batman films. He might be my favorite version of Batman. I love his deep voice as Batman which I would immitate many times since then.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

2005-07-15 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I eventually saw this reboot or sequel but I don't remember when or where. I saw an older version in the 1990s and loved it. This one is interesting but not as iconic or charismatic.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

2005-12-09 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I saw this movie in a theater at a mall in Portland, Oregon in December of 2005 with my older sister, Katie. It might have been at the Lloyd Center or I would need to check a map and see how many malls with theaters are closer to the library. Perhaps an even closer one was the one we were at. I saw the older films as a kid in the 1990s growing up and enjoyed them. So, we saw this and it was good. We had a good time. My sister has not seen me in like a year and it was good to see her.

King Kong

2006-12-14 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

If I didn't see it in theaters, then I eventually did before like 2010 I think. It was interesting to see a giant ape. I like Jack Black. The movie was sort of boring most of the time. I was not too excited most of the time watching it. But a few seconds here and there was interesting. The plot begins in 1933 which was a year America was going bankrupt thanks to Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc.

U.S. Theatrical Premiere

The dates I've provided here for U.S. theater premieres are from Wikipedia. I've listed these dates to help me know a general ballpark as to when I might have seen some of these movies in the big screen. Movies would play in the cinema for three months or less, generally speaking. A lot of movies stay in theaters for no more than a month. Many of the movies would come out on VHS video or DVD within a year after their theatrical release. Some of them come out on video within as little as three to six months sometimes. Some movies are released direct to video and are not shown in theaters.


I included random movies, some which I may have seen and some which I may not have seen that year or any year to date. Not every movie may be listed. I may have watched older movies from previous years during this year as well. This is basically a rough draft outline of a few movies from this year. I've included notes to reminded myself of when I may have seen some of these films. So, some of these movies I may have seen not that year but in following years after that.

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