We felt the bad side of obedience

Passing through the village public school, the experiences were top-notch, both the good and the ugly. The interesting thing is that the ugly experiences happen to be the sweetest whenever I flashes back to the lanes of memories...yeah, all those punishments.😄

Let me share one of the experiences.

In high school, we were forced to study French. Yes, you read that well, we were forced because none of us were eager to learn.

It would have been interesting to study if the teachers were soft, but no, the opposite was the case. The teachers who took us had PhDs in flogging.

On that special day
The French teacher was teaching us a topic we found so difficult to comprehend which is Time reading in French. It was a complete French mixed with mathematics.

The class began in the morning as usual with the first period of the day, and we were hoping for him to stop around 9:00 a.m., but no way, he had bought all the periods from the teachers for him to use to cover up his syllabus. That's how we stayed until the break bell was rung.

Upon hearing the break time bell, we became happy because, finally, we were living the cage, but this man saw the joy in our faces and decided to turn it into sadness by saying he's not letting us take a break. WTF!

Imagine that...we've been learning a disturbing language since morning with no break😥**

He continued teaching, and we filled the class room with murmurs.
"Gbaaaaaaa!" He struck his cane on the desk, and all of us were shocked.

"I said, nobody is going out for break," he said in an authoritative tone, turned back, and continued writing the 'jagajaga' French words on the black board.

It wasn't easy to cope, seeing our colleagues outside enjoying themselves with football while we were inside solving mathematics in French, a language that we are not sure of using in the future. We continued to murmur.

The murmur got him uncomfortable, he stopped writing on the board and faced us,
"Okay, okay, if you want to go out, the door is open; you're free," he said with a smile on his face.

Who dares to go out? We knew it was a trap, so we kept silent until one of the 'jagaban' in the class braved up and stepped out; he passed the French teacher, and he didn't give him a cane.

Some other guys followed the steps and went out. The French teacher was just there smiling at them, and we were sure that the symbol of that smile meant wickedness.

"Who else wants to go out?" He asked, but no one responded. He closed the door and continued teaching.

Those of us remaining were laughing at the ones outside because we knew that the teacher was going to deal with them later.

As the class continued...
He gave us a class assignment, and none of us got the answer. He became terribly angry, he brought out canes and designed our backs with endless strokes.
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He was so angry because he'd been teaching since morning and no one was catching it.

While he was flogging us, the people who left the class were laughing at us from the window.


We felt the bad side of obedience that day.

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