Allow me to share the captivating tale of my senior high school experience, a journey that unfolded within one of Ghana and West Africa's finest institutions. Picture a place where excellence thrives, and where the choice to attend was solely mine. As a student in junior high school, I was moved by my senior high school's impressive performance in the national science and math quiz. This influence led me to select the school, and it remains one of the best decisions I have ever made, free from any regrets.

A screenshot of my school's entrance from a friends's Whatsapp status.

Accra Academy, renowned as one of Ghana's premier senior high schools, filled me with immense joy when I secured a place within its distinguished walls. Although the initial days presented challenges, primarily because my parents resided in Sefwi Wiawso and only visited Accra sporadically, I gradually adapted to the school's rhythm as time went on.

Do you observe how diminutive I was? Haha😂!

Looking back on those years, I contemplate what I would have done differently if given the chance. I recall being a good student, yet I struggled with my study habits. Instead of maintaining consistency and avoiding procrastination, I often found myself studying only when faced with imminent tasks. This approach negatively affected my results, despite achieving satisfactory grades. My dream of securing eight A's, cherished since my first year, eluded me. I now realize that I should have prioritized my studies more effectively to achieve my desired outcomes.

If I could rewrite my high school story, I would have actively engaged in extracurricular activities such as football and leadership. Leadership roles instill a sense of seriousness and effectiveness, and in retrospect, I regret not involving myself in such positions during my time at Accra Academy. My focus was primarily on academic pursuits, neglecting the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience that would have greatly influenced my journey in that realm.

Sports also beckoned, tempting me with its allure. However, a prevalent belief circulated among students that science students should refrain from participating in sports, and I succumbed to that notion. While a few science students defied this stereotype and maintained their academic prowess, I regret not pursuing my passion for soccer and joining the senior high school team. As a former goalkeeper during my junior high school years, it would have been a tremendous opportunity to continue honing my skills within the senior high school setting.

I also missed several chances to attend seminars, both on and off-campus, organized by the science and math club of which I was a member. Although I was a part of the club, my participation was limited, and I failed to fully seize the opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain insights on life. I now recognize the profound impact these seminars could have had on my personal growth.

In the realm of social connections, I regret not fully embracing the inter-zonal and inter-co competitions held among senior high schools. These events offered a unique platform to interact with students from other schools, fostering camaraderie and enhancing social skills. While my peers embraced these opportunities, I remained within the confines of Accra Academy, inadvertently hindering my ability to approach others, even to this day.

Reflecting on the spiritual aspect of my high school years, I acknowledge my lack of commitment to my Christian faith. Although I attended church, my dedication faltered, impacting my spiritual growth both then and now.

Dear friends, these are the reflections that stir within me, the yearnings to reshape the tapestry of my senior high school journey. If time could grant me another chance, I would infuse my path with consistency in studies, embrace extracurricular activities and leadership, pursue my passion for sports, actively participate in seminars, forge connections beyond the school's borders, and nurture my spiritual life.

Thank you.

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