S. Barsuki, Balti district, Odessa region

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The village of Barsuki, Balti district, Odessa region

In the Balti district of Odessa region there is a small settlement Barsuki. This is a small village, where only 581 inhabitants live. Despite the fact that this settlement is small, the headman Tysyachnaya Lyudmila Anatolyevna strives to make it cozy and beautiful.

Balt district

Already at the entrance to the village we see a beautifully decorated, painted stop. The stone walls depict Ukrainian motifs. In particular, a girl in an embroidered shirt impresses. Separately, we note the image from the life of an ordinary rural Ukrainian family.


As soon as we turn to the village itself, we see a decorated pointer. The name of the village flaunts on it. Immediately after him we see the Cross. It symbolizes the Divine protection of the settlement from misfortunes and troubles.

How to get there

From Odessa you need to get to the city of Balta. This can be done both by train and by car. We recommend driving along the Kiev highway to Crooked Lake. There we turn towards the Baltics.

How to get to the village of Barsuki, Balti district, Odessa region

It can be reached by train to Podolsk. Then we take a bus or car to Balta. In this case, the distance is 25 kilometers.

We drive through the entire Baltic, towards the village of Miron. From the Baltic to s. Badgers 21 kilometers 400 meters.

Separately, we note that the village of badgers is surrounded by beautiful natural views. In particular, we see forests and fields. The panoramic view, especially in the summer, amazes the eye. Here you can always relax in the lap of nature and enjoy the fresh air.

Come visit us. In the Odessa region there are many interesting places where you can always relax and gain vitality.


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