Impressions from Hessentag Festival - Day 1

Hello Community,

This is my first post in the photo-essay community. Today I went to the first day of the festival called Hessentag. This is the first time this event is being run since before the rona. I didn't go to the last one, even though it was nearby, so I wanted to make sure to visit this one.

According to the official website, it is actually the 60th Hessentag, which maybe makes it a special one? The event is scheduled to run for just over a week and will get a huge amount of visitors I expect. There are many things planned for it, although I didn't look through the program myself. I am sure that we will visit it a couple of times in the next week.

Today I just visited one part of the festival called Hessenstrasse. As I entered the festival, there were lots of places to grab food and drinks and sit down and enjoy with the great weather.

There are lots of acttractions, such as the huge ferris wheel and many chill out areas and music tents.

Here the local TV station have setup a mini-golf area.

For those who believe in politics, there was even this very nice stage setup for some political type events. Nothing was on right now, but maybe they will show something like on Fernsehgarten.

A much nicer part was the chillout area here with a DJ playing some cool tunes and it was a great atmosphere.

There wasn't much of a queue at the bar as they had plenty of staff which was a good sign. I made a short video and may share it at some point.

My daughter liked the Ferris wheel and went on it. For kids under 12 it cost €4.

Further on was the military part with this helicopter. I wonder if it will fly during the event at some point. There were many soldiers and police around, mostly hanging around the tent next to here as there was a live band on playing some popular German hits.

The weather was lovely and it had a great relaxed and family atmosphere. As the sun was going down I made for the exit, but the party was just getting started. Tomorrow there should be Nico Santos playing somewhere. My wife said they are expecting around 600k visitors to the event, so it could get pretty packed.

Thanks for reading.

All images are my own.

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