At the Harmony Village Mall with Mom!🏬

Hello, world!👋

It's me wearing a yellow shirt with different yellow color images in front of the shawarma stall together with my mom @aimharryianne

The Yellow Sweets Cafe outside the Harmony Village Mall, has yellow images, and Yellow Sweets Cafe yellow signage too.

Another view of the Yellow Sweets Cafe with yellow steel railing and a snake plant a green plant with yellow linings.

My selfie in front of Yellow Sweets Cafe with a yellow steel railing

Me wearing a yellow shirt with my Mom @aimharryianne inside the Harmony village mall Robinson Grocery Store

These are my photos of when my mom @aimharryianne and I visited the Harmony village mall on different days. In front of the mall is the Yellow Sweets Cafe, where different yellow images and things you will see. Harmony Village Mall is a small mall but everything essentials you will find there, only a few minutes travel via tricycle from our home. Robinson's grocery store is also found inside the mall, complete with all the things and food needed. In this Mall also where my Mom bought the shawarma that I was craving for so long.😁

This is my entry to photo-essay contest with yellow-essay theme. And also my participation in #beautifulsunday of Sir @ace108 and #sublimesunday of Sir @c0f33a. Thank you for the opportunity.

Thank you for reading!😁
God bless us all!🙏

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