The Principality of Bastion Site is soon moving

The Principality of Bastion will soon move


The decision is taken to migrate our project to an external hosting service.
And we will take this opportunity to boost our HIVE ONBOARDING EFFORTS

The goal is to be able to present the globality of our project on an evolving website, secured and with backups, managed by a team of professionals, so we can concentrate on our goals.

The Raspberry pi was a very good initiative and is still very useful for the TEAM, but wasn't professional enough to be attractive to our users and customers. We think it's time to take off, and thus to make this step forward...

We will start with the following important pages:

  • The Bastion: The site will have a few pages speaking about our micronation and its goals.
  • HIVE Onboarding: There will be a dedicated zone for HIVE ONBOARDING, as we really care about hive!
  • ECU: We will also have everything about our national currency, the stable token ECU, possibly with our own richlist...
  • NEWS: The news of the Principality and of the Weekly Delegator's ECU distribution.
  • MiNaVA NFTs: A specific subdomain for our NFT's market and wallet with new integrated design.


With time, we will also try to offer hive api's and automation services, including for the onboarding, but also for other hive integrations.

The Principality of Bastion describes itself as:
a micronation existing in the metaverse and located on hive blockchain!

We want to be, as much as possible, part of HIVE Blockchain.


And all of this in english. we will more than porbably add a zone for our native language to host the french community, as we don't want to let them down, even if it's not very active at the moment, we will try to boost it !

Once we moved the website to its new location, we will post some news on @hive-143869 and from there on, the communication will be done in ENGLISH and English only!

Curation will continue

We will continue to curate #FR posts but we will also put special efforts on other tags, including our OWN tag : #BASTION, this tag is not mandatory and will most often be used for official communications, as people will be able to use our community page (@hive-143869), or to post their link into our discord when they want our attention for the curation.

Remember, our curation service is not a voting bot, we do not guarantee any vote and we always review manually the posts for certain quality requirements to be voted. We usually add a specific comment when a post was curated.

Your help is welcomed

Let us know if you want to join the effort by helping the Principality to make this step, we need all possible help, including your talent!

  • Designers
  • Web3 devs
  • Marketeers
  • Sponsors and financial helpers

And of course, TONS OF CITIZENS ...

You may contact me on hive, or join our discord :

The signature here below will soon be changed too :)


A bientΓ΄t,
≋𝕴𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆 𝕲𝖆ï𝖆𝖓≋

Fondateur de la PrincipautΓ© du BastionMembre de la CommunautΓ© Francophone sur Hive
Citoyen du BastionCo-Administrateur Hive-FR

Helping the Principality: Hive Tips | Paypal

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DASH: Xuetc3zEDQfx7WGHpJUtPdrgB4tQJEQbat
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ETH : 0x710c5Ea59F8ae07b7C005C516B7865CDd94Fa52a

All donations are appreciated and welcomed, thank you.

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