My journey in axie infinity

Hello friends after a long time without posting on the hive blockchain here's my first post (in the last few months I've been posting but in an automated way using the SplinterStats Season Report Card tool)

I was busy exploring new projects and found several among them axie infinity

i'm not sure what day i started playing axie infinity, i remember it was between the end of may and the beginning of june, i started with a friend @brunup and his "scholarship"

the team made available to me was this one, a great team at that time

I chose the names on them today for the
plant I chose the name: tesla

for reptile the name: anunnakis

and for the bug the name mr.esquiva

the bug was my favorite axie I loved to dodge enemy attacks, stun and remove enemy cards a great card

I even have a video of him in action

I like to record replays and I had other videos from that team but I didn't edit as I didn't have a decent computer for it, now I have a new computer and I'm excited for new posts and maybe share more replays

with Axie in high season and with good profit I decided to have my own teams

I named them after the characters from one of my favorite series being them:

Beast: Elliot alderson

bird: Darlene alderson

Plant: angela moss

they are all breed 2 at the time I bought it I was thinking about doing breed but after some updates in the game and high price AXS I changed my mind

so I decided to buy axie as adults in the market

buy this team just to earn more slp and not thinking about future breeds

at that time I still earned 150 slp a day, and it was worth having another account even though I paid 50% for another player to play for me.

the person who plays for me has the following team

plant: joanna wellick

beast: tyrell wellick

bird: mr.robot

this second team already has a higher breed

a lot has changed from there to here many rules and cutting slp in half for some teams

I think I don't have a competitive team, but I also don't intend to change teams, and I don't intend to sell. I believe in the project and I think it can improve in the future.

I keep playing at low rating and the slp is falling in value, I'm earning less every day, but the crypto world is like that one day you win another you lose.

You can't always win

I keep investing in other projects not so axie infinity

I'm not going to talk about values here, as this is a global community. and what is may be fair to me may not be fair to you.

I keep playing with my team sometimes it's fun as this replay shows

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