My First Axie Team

I played Axie and between fights in the arena, I fell saudade my first team, which is not as strong as the current one but is a good team.

“Saudade” is a beautiful word that only exists in Portuguese and the closest meaning would be something like “I miss someone or something very important to me".

capa besta.png

This drawing was created exclusively for this post by my brother @seuamiguto

I remembered my first team as if you remembered your first childhood friend, or an adventure partner, and that's exactly what these little monsters meant to me, they were the partners that made me win many battles, and also lose many battles. With this team I learned to play and profit in different ways.


My first team consisted of a mighty plant, an angry beast and a dangerous reptile! We were amazing together!


The plant is formed by the:

October Candy (Pumpkin) This card contains a powerful shield, it does no damage, but if the shield is not broken, you get an extra card to play in the next round.

Vegetable sting (severe) contains a shield and low damage, but it steals the opponent's energy and this skill is great because those who play Axies know how unpleasant it is to have two energy stolen in the first round of the battle and this extra energy can be decisive for one victory.

Disguise (leaf insect) costs 0 damage and low shield, but you gain energy when combined with another plant card. That's great.

Spicy suprisse (hot but)( I'll pretend I'm mature and I won't make fun of this card😊) my favorite because it contains high damage, contains a good shield and even disables the opponent's card on the next round.


The beast is formed by the parts:

Single combat (ronin) with 70 damage which is very good, 0 shield, but guarantees a critical when combined with 2 other cards.

The nut cracker deals 105 damage, which can be increased by 120% when paired with another nut cracker, and has 30 shield.

Ivory stab (imp) deals 70 damage, 20 shield and gains energy when the team criticizes.

Nut throw (nutcracker) deals 105 damage, which can be increased by 120% when combined with another nutcracker.

Nut crack and Nut throw when combined give a bonus to the attack, they are very similar cards except for one important detail that can make a difference in arena battles.

While nut crack is melee attack, nut throw is ranged attack, if the opposing team has cards that disable the melee attack, you can still use ranged, observing these details in game strategy are essential, especially against well opponents preparations that bring many obstacles to be overcome.


The reptile is formed by the parts:

Vine Dagger (green thorns) costs 0, which gives 30 shield and 20 damage, as a card costs 0 that's great!

Chomp (dango) deals 80 damage and 50 shield stums when combined with 2 other cards.

Tiny catapult (scaly spoon) deals 80 damage, 40 shield reflects 50% of opponent's ranged damage.

Tiny swin (Tiny dino) deals 80 damage, 40 shield and increases damage by 150% after the fourth round.

This team was organized as follows; In front was the plant in tank position and the objective was to survive as long as possible, in second position was the beast that is the team's offensive force and in last position was the reptile that has an advantage against birds and fish.

Anyway, this team brought me a lot of joy and a lot of learning and I'll share what I learned in my next post where I'll talk about strategies, it's going to be amazing!

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