[Axie Infinity] Introducing my AXIE BUZZ Scholarship team!

Hello Hiveans and Lunacians!
Always a pleasure write to this wonderful community.

Today i want to introduce to you guys my @axiebuzz Scholar Team.

Axie THUMB.png

As many of you already know, i am one of the firsts Schoolars to get in the Axie Buzz Community.

What I can say is that it has been a pleasure to be part of this family, I was very well received by @axiebuzz who, in addition to being a person who believes in PeakD's potential, is a guy with admirable humility and understanding.

To be in facts i didn't know the guy behind @axiebuzz, i got this place by merith of my engagement in the Axie Buzz Community.

As you can see in my introduction post

And as many of you will ask, here are some tips on how to be more likely to be invited to our team of Scholars:


Sem título-1.png

This little guy occupy the front position of my team, he is a huge utility wall and his part cards feets well for his function. He has combos for survive with the October Treat + Neurotoxin, and he also has the utility of the Vegetable Bit which is a very useful card if you count the mana of you opponent. Also in addition if he gets in the last attack roll he can use the Prickly Trap to get an additional damage.

Sem título-12.png

This guy is a beast or a repitile?! What a useful Axie!
In my firsts days playing i was having a little hard time to get his combo, but once i realized the insane move using the Spike Throw to trigger the combo my life got a lot easier. Turns what he can get an unprepared Axie from middle or back by surprise and kill him with 3 or 4 cards. Can you imagine my opponents trying to keep a combo for they back trusting in his tank, and suddenly this beast kills him haha. And as if that wasn't enough, if you combo with a Kotaro Bite he also get some extra energy back.

The Dull Grip card also make a important roll, it's one of the best cards to break tank's shield. It's hard for a shield to stop standing after such a headbutt.

And last but not least, the Critical Escape card plays an important role for his middle position, he gains additional defense making it harder for him to get knocked down.

Sem título-123.png

This guy is one of the best companions you can have,
He have a deadly combo with Single Combat card, that guarantee 2 criticals if you combo right, plus Ivory Stab you also get you energys back. This combo guarantee a kill if you hit a shieldless plant.

Piercing Sound is the card if you have the habit of count opponents cards, you can totally control their mana.

With Luna Absorb you can clean debuffs like stuns, and also wipe out the last stand Axies that refuses to die, and oh you also get a energy for using this card.



As I explained before the usefulness of some cards, placement is extremely important and the team wouldn't work well if it didn't.

Well, that's it guys.

As you can see the team that was given to me is a huge combination of powerful Axies, that is the quality you can wait if you trying to apply in Axie Buzz Scholarships.

Remember to follow Axie Buzz on Twitter and join Axie Buzz Discord

See you soon !

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