Good day everyone I just wanted to share my story behind the reason why I actually joined Axie buzz community. To be honest I'm not a fan of axie infinity, I am also not familiar about the game and I also don't know that it exist. Axie Infinity became popular just this year because it will allow you to play and earn at the same time. I also watch different kind of videos on Tiktok regarding axie infinity but I am still not into it. But then why I joined Axie buzz community if I'm not into playing the game? well my answer would be that everybody change. We change for a reason, and my reason is that I need to save money for my tuition fee. I am soon to become an International student in Canada and I've been thinking a lot that if I get a part time job would it be enough for me to survive or not?. That's why it give me the idea of getting a scholarship program on axie to financially support my long-term goal and that is to get a PR someday.

I know that everybody has their own story why they actually joined Axie buzz community, so let me know your story on the comment section and by the way if you want to know me, maybe? I don't know just maybe if you want, you can visit my profile and read my first blog. Thank you and don't forget to follow me.

I'm Ambie your writer wanna bee.

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