Good day everyone last time I shared to you my real reason why I actually joined Axie buzz community. Today I will be sharing to you my preparation or what I did after I joined the community. But before I start my story I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to each and everyone of you who supported my first blog, it give me motivation to write more story not just about axie but also about myself. And now let me start my story with a quote "Effort is the best indicator of interest" I will explained that quote later on. The first thing that I did is to follow the twitter account of Mr. Axie Buzz since it is one of the requirements for you to get a scholarship. Second I created my hive account where I will be posting my created content or story about axie. After creating my hive account I am now more ready to have a brainstorming session with myself, with this technique I am able to think of what kind of story I will be writing and how I am able to execute them properly. My only problem with my first story is that it is not related to axie, the story is just about myself. Since my first written story
is not related to axie I am not able to post it on the community but then I still posted it in my profile. Knowing that the story would still be able to introduce myself to the readers. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Axie buzz because he noticed my first blog. After a few days I finished my second story
and had the chance to posted it on the community since it is now related to axie. Right now I am still doing some research about axie and it would be my pleasure to share it to you guys specially to those who are beginners on axie like me.

This story of mine is about giving all your efforts to that one thing that you're interested on for you to achieve that goal and make it possible. Just like the quote said "Effort is the best indicator of interest" it means that if someone is truly interested in achieving one goal they will make their own way out to make efforts not to make excuses.

I'm Ambie your writer wanna bee.

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