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Testing Axies Once Again! BLUE DEMON

Greetings fellow Earthlings and Hiveans!! I have sold my previous stuck Bird Axie! This could only mean one thing at this moment. I can put a NEW AXIE to the test! But this time, I would not purchase an Axie that I don’t know how to use. I am going to purchase Reptile Axies, Plant or Dusk Axies only. As for my reasons? Well here are the criterias for my new test subject:

  • Has to be sturdy or with High HP – This means that I would be looking for Reptiles, Dusk or Plant Axie
  • PVP Viable – The Axie must at least be able to rank higher than 1200 MMR when I use it. Or it is able to annoy my enemy to surrender(kinda hard).
  • Needs debuffs such as slow, poison or stun – Debuffs can swing the battle to my favor specially against faster Axies
  • Zero Breed count – Incase I get stucked with another Axie, I want to pair it with my previous Axie so a good gene pool is also necessary. I would be using the Breeding Calculator of Axie.zone as well as the Freak’s Axie Extension for this criteria.
  • Looks Cool – Yes, I am a simple person and I want cool looking Axies.

Now let us look at what I got this time!

Blue Demon: All Blue Dusk

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While I was filtering Axies that has Chomp, Lagging and Tri Spikes; I was just checking the prices of Axies with this cards. I saw a lot of useless Axies with another zero energy card which made me ignore them entirely. However, the first time I saw this Axie, I knew I had to get it. First things first, it was cheap. I was working under the budget of 200$. I knew it would be hard to find one with high damage but this was surprising. It has Navaga tail instead of Thorny Caterpillar. Maybe this was the reason why it was sold cheaply.

Despite lacking the damage against Meta classes like reptiles and dusks, it has a decent damage which cannot be ignored. Secondly, this skill can synergize with slow since it can increase my damage the next turn if I were to attack first. Having this Axie as a Dusk is also a big plus since it has a relatively fast speed when compared to Reptiles. Moreover, the most important reason why I wanted this Axie was because of its color scheme. It looks really cool with its all BLUE color! Navaga Tail blends well with this Axie! I give it 10/10 when it comes to looks alone.

Blue Demon: Genes and Breeding

blue demon genes.png

Now let us look from another perspective. Genes. Based on my criteria, I was looking for an Axie that I could breed. Specifically with my original reptile Axie, Mr. Suave. Thankfully this Axie has most of the parts and genes I was looking for. Tiny Turtle, Tri-spikes, and Thorny Caterpillar were the genes I searched for breeding. Having Lagging as a horn is a bit risky to breed since Mr. Suave has a zero energy card on its back. Luckily the chance of it appearing is lower than Tri Spikes. Here is the results from the breeding calculator:

breeding blue with suave.png

Welp, looks like there is still a 46.9% chance that I get a Green Thorns. Now I feel like a gambler if I were to breed. Time will tell whether I made a mistake or not. Good thing We can get a free trial using the breeding calculator. Let us assume I will breed three times. Let’s see what I possibly could get in the future:

breeding results 1.png
It has appeared! Two zero energy card, what a nightmare!

Now I feel bad looking at these results. Let me try once again!

breeding results 2.png
Now that is what I want to see!


Well to be honest it did not take me only one try for this kind of result to appear. So it seems that this is not the best breeding partner for Mr. Suave. Only the heaven knows whether I would still breed this or not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


It is impossible for me to forget about the Rarity of this Axie. Not after I have seen how rare my previous Axie was. So I did! First I checked the marketplace for other Axies with the same card set. There were a lot! So the first thing that popped in my mind was, “Too bad this Axie is not unique. Maybe this a rare Axie at least.”

rare or not.png

But it came to my mind a few moments later, “Wait, this is a DUSK Axie!” So I filtered it once more. Lo and behold, another SUPER RARE Axie! Too bad there are other Axies with the same card set so it cannot be considered as Unique or given the Unicorn icon. But who cares! My Axie looks cool and super rare!

super rare result.png

super rare.png
If you look closely, there is a big difference in the blue-ness of both Axie. Obviously my Axie is 100 times cooler.

Actual Test: Arena

Now that I have checked the Axie’s Rarity and Breeding Potential, it is time to put this Axie to the TEST! As you can see, the Axie is viable for PVP. But! There are some deficiencies that I have seen and felt while using this Axie.

  • It lacks the damage to quickly put down a Tank. This can be seen clearly when using Navaga tail. When compared to using Thorny Caterpillar, Navaga deals 60+ damage less. This is due to the fact that Navaga is an Aqua Axie card so it cannot deal extra 30% damage due to class disadvantage. However, the damage I now deal against Beast Axies is now better! Dealing with beast Axies has always been my nightmare while using Double Reptile build. With this card, it is now easier to dispatch these deadly beasts.
  • Backdoor Attacks using TRI SPIKES are easy to predict. This is a very straight forward issue. It is very easy for experience players to guide where Tri Spike will attack. When compared to other backdoor cards like Sneaky Raid or Shrimp, Tri Spikes does not target the rear Axie all the time. It only attacks the one with the lowest shield The good news though is that this card can deal higher damage and gain more shields!
  • No more Energy Manipulation. This Axie is best paired with a Beast card with Rice/Goda or another Plant with Vegetal Bite. Without those cards, opponents can stack energy like there is no tomorrow(Aqua Axies with Nimo go brrrrr)

Gameplay 1: Still Testing

Gameplay 2: Tring it as a backliner with a different midliner

Conclusion: YES PLEASE

Despite the inadequacies of this Axie, I decided to keep it. First because it has a relatively good genes and secondly because it looks DOPE. I might regret breeding in the future using low purity Axies but for now I can only enjoy using this Axie on PVP. At the same time, I plan to search for breeding partners with this Axie, preferably with Lagging Horn as its zero energy card.

Extra Extra Extra: Some Ramblings

I was planning on featuring two new Axies but this article is getting too long. Now let’s talk about this Blue Boi. I was actually checking prices when I suddenly saw this Axie with its price quickly going down. Maybe the owner was in a hurry at that time. But at that exact moment I did not have any WETH so I panicked! A few moments later it was bought at 170-ish dollars. I was a bit disappointed but to my surprise, it was listed by the buyer at a slightly higher price(20$). This time, it was a fixed price! So I panicked once more trying to convert my FIAT currency into cash then cash into WETH through person-to-person(p2p) transaction. Welp it took 1 hour in total, good thing the Axie was still unsold. I wish Ronin Dex was already out so I could do this process easily and safely. Using the Ronin Bridge would have been nice as well if the transaction fee was low. But wishing for everything to go my way is impossible so I might as well move on! On the bright side, I got the Axie. Plus, it did not come to my mind to sell it at all!

If you have watched the second gameplay video, I used another Plant Axie. This one can serve as a Tank to counter critical strikes using Hermit card. I might introduce it further in another article though since this one is getting long. So for now, it is time for a short farewell!! Stay tuned for the next article! Stay safe and keep on BUZZING!

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