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Hello BUZZING friends! Once again I am here to highlight some of my matches. But this time it is all about LOSING! That is right! As a reader you might be wondering, “Aren’t you supposed to showcase some cool matches where you get a landslide victory?”. Well my friend, FAILURE IS THE MOTHER OF SUCCESS. But for me, I comprehend that as “MAKE STUPID MISTAKES AND LEARN FROM IT”.

But where do I usually make mistakes?

  • Too much confidence – My head got too big. Having a Double Reptile team made me complacent since it is very powerful. Which led me to make small mistakes which pile up leading to my eventual downfall. After pride cometh thy fall. See that I used “cometh” so that it sound fancy and philosophical?
  • No Focus – The game is all about counting energy. But what do I do, I get distracted by snacking or falling asleep mid-fight. Then I ask myself, “How many energy does my opponent have again? Fuck it! YOLO!”. At the endgame I would suddenly get surprised by a whopping four card combo then lose miserably. Counting energy is essential to predicting your oppoent’s move. Don’t be like me folks! Always get your head in the game!

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In this gameplay we can see that I made lots of obvious mistakes. In the first round I tried to save energy by using only a single Goda card. This is one of those moments where I got too used to my opponents skipping round 1 so I got complacent leading to my energy being stolen as a result. Another big mistake was made during round 4. I saved up energy (foolishly) and did not make the right estimate of the damage I needed to defeat the Plant Axie. As a result, I got my energy stolen once again andmy opponent’s Plant Axie survived. In the next round I thought that my opponent was about to unleash an onslaught of attack due to being abundant with energy. I once again blundered by using two Bulkwark card (very risky). Despite being overloaded with energy, my opponent decided to save energy maybe knowing that I may be setting up a trap(Bulkwark). At this point the only thing in my head was “Shit, I think I fucked up”. The rest is history. The beast being my absolute bane wrecked my Axie in a single round. Seeing four cards on a beast is horrifying. Especially when using a double reptile team.

Side note: I think my opponent has already experienced the might of Double Bulkwark. So he was careful with his attack and baited me hook, line, sinker. Too bad, I thought I could have reversed the match to my favor. But all my mistakes have snowballed in one massive mess.

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In this game, I was using my usual tactics against Double Aqua Teams. In my head, I already knew that I got this match in the bag since I have defeated exact team setups (cookie cutter Aqua Axie team) countless times. I started with using all my energy knowing that double Aqua Teams start aggressively. Knowing that my opponent has a Carrot Hammer and Pumpkin, I decided to risk my energy being stolen rather than wasting my energy without getting a clean kill. As expected my opponent played a Carrot Hammer and a Healing Aroma. No free energy for you, no sir. Later on I got the kill on the oppoent’s Plant Axie while having mine alive. Everything is smooth sailing.

I had the higher ground. “My opponent is surely defeated” I thought to myself. Then it happened, a random critical attack out of the blue! Aqua Axies are supposed to have the lowest morale stat, meaning they have low chance of getting a critical attack. So I got wrecked by a four hit combo which I usually survive. Luck was not on my side. Sadly, this has happened to me multiple times. Despite my reptiles having a higher morale stat, I rarely see the glorious critical strike. Aqua Axies has more critical chance it seems. Morale is truly a “Meme” stat.

What I Have Learned

In my closing remark, I would like to say, making mistake is very normal. But making tons of mistakes is sheer stupidity. I accept that I am idiotic at times and I tend to repeat these mistakes, but it is also important to revisit cringe mistakes that was made. This is important to learn and grow into a better player and as a person. However, there are times when we cannot do anything about unforeseeable events. The only thing one can do is to prepare for such events and adapt in order to live. Because when there is life, there is hope!

SIdenote: Aqua Axie Crits is [insert bad word related to animal’s bodily refuse] and no one can change my mind about that!

Grenfunkel’s Extra

So I decided to make a series of articles about my mistakes! This will not be the first! And it definitely will not be the last! This series will be depressing(probably) but I will try and make it lighthearted, funny and a little less depressing at the same time. I hope the readers can learn from my mistakes both in game and in real life. At the same time, I get to earn some juicy Hive!

Speaking of HIVE, its value suddenly pumped after I sold some of it a few days ago. Checking my Binance account, it seems that I have sold around 150+ Hive at 0.5$ just this week. Welp! Another big mistake made once again. To be honest this is not the first time that this has happened. I sold some HIVE at around 0.3$ then the next day, it pumped to 0.5! [Insert sad boi noises].

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