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My Speculations on July Development Update and Land Gameplay

Just recently, Jihoz has announced the “July Delevopment Update” on the Axie Infinity Discord. It made me excited to think if the land gameplay will soon arrive. At the same time, I was expecting further updates regarding the server stability of the game. The update highlighted the accomplishments of Axie Infinity be it in terms of earnings as well as the booming number of Users. Those news did not shock me at all. However, some tidbits did.

So it gave me some ideas in my head. Little tidbits and ideas both from the Axie Infinity Whitepaper as well as the previous announcements made.

Battles V2

Battles v2.png

Thoughts #1

The upcoming battle V2 is soon to arrive. But there are no concrete gameplay that has been shown. But re-reading the words used in the update, it said “NEW AUDIENCE”. This made me think. Land gameplay is for current players of the game. So by new audience, it means the players who wish to try the game without the need to buy an Axie team. So I checked the game’s Whitepaper once again.

soulbound.pngFree Axies with no-earnings? Source

From the “Long-Term Sustainability” portion of the whitepaper, I remembered about “Soulbound Axies” which was hotly discussed in the Axie Infinity Server. Could the “new audience” mean the free to play players or something else?

Thoughts #2

The “New audience” could refer to those in the ESPORTS community. With the upcoming Esports server (based on the announcement in Axie Infinity Discord Server), they might use Soulbound Axies which can have its cards/parts replaceable. This is to ensure even playing field and reduce the Pay-to-Win aspect of the game.

esports annoucement.png
From Axie Infinity Discord Server

Based on the announcement made by Zyori, the server will be live “at the end of the month”. Plus he called out “Esports Fans”. Could this be the “new audience”. Though a month has already passed, I assume that the developers are testing the server so it can run smoothly in case of surge of new players.

Thoughts #3

Last but not least, Axie Infnity Origin could be Land Gameplay? But with the image above with a team of Axie battling in adventure, it seems to be the least possible. As a side note, the Axies look different from the usual Axies we can see on the market. Could this mean a new class of Axie or are there skins or appearance upgrades for Origins?

Land Gameplay

land peek.png

First let me point out the clues in the teaser image for land gameplay. The game mode may not be exactly like this but let me assume that there are hints in here. Some of the clues may be for decoration purposes but for now I shall assume that they have uses. So here are my ideas from this image:

  1. Fish – May mean there are Fishing mini games which is a resource. Could also mean that there is a cooking side game?
  2. Pitchfork– Could be a hint for Farming of crops which leads to cooking as well. Farming has been quite popular with NFT games but it refers to “Staking”.
  3. Market stall – Some resources that has been harvested or hunted could be sold in player’s own shops which may litter the entire lands of Lunacia. This will be an interesting idea to promote travelling between lands since they might have different resources.
  4. Bed– Just like stamina system in most games, this might be implemented so that most Axies may have other utility aside from increasing Energy. This has been hinted in the Whitepaper as well.
  5. Table– This may be where crafting new decorations/ equipment can be done in game.
  6. Storage – If there are resources then there must be a place where they are stored just like the inventory.
  7. Transportation – Axies need to move around the large lands of Lunacia so it may mean a faster means to travel from one point to another. Could be a tool or equipment that requires crafting. Or It could be an in-game transportation system which requires literal gas fees.

added utility.pngThere will be added utility to other Axies. Source


According to the July Development Update, Land gameplay will have competitive mode. War is incoming? So this could also mean the creation of guilds. While there have been lots of guilds, the game has yet to cement their existence inside the game. Maybe this will be implemented in Land gameplay. Aside from this, the whitepaper has hinted about Chimera. Chimera will serve as the Wild Raid Boss that can be battled alone or as a group.


The Chimera will drop resources, items and blueprints according to the Whitepaper. This cements the idea of crafting. I do hope they add equipment to Axie as well as the robot mount I always see.

Robot Mount is so cool!

While checking the whitepaper, I also came across this Image:

land gameplay teaser.pngSource

Let’s dissect it once again.

  1. Resources Gathering – It seems common resources are wood, rock as well as some plants. This seems like building materials for structures.
  2. Quick toolbar – Easy access to tools and resources. Reminds me of Minecraft.
  3. Pointer – This seems to be the means of movement for the Axie across Lunacia. This hints the use of computer mouse. This gameplay will likely be for PC.
  4. Combat – Aside from the current Adventure mode, it seems that Land will be introducing monsters once again. Not clear if there will be SLP or if it will only drop resources, items or blueprints.
  5. Inventory and Crafting– Could be for constructing structures or crafting items. Resources from monsters/chimera are likely to be stored here as well.
  6. Day and Night – May create different resources or monsters depending on the time. Can also create a scenario where Axies craft defending structures during the day and monsters/chimera attacks at night.
  7. Axie team– It seems that it is still required to have 3 Axies o be able to play Land. Other axis has not been shown or if they could only be used for auxiliary means.

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