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My Last Day as an Axie Infinity Scholar

It has been 2 months since I started playing Axie Infinity as a scholar. Finally, I have graduated.


I started playing as a scholar in Doozie Scholarship Guild on July, 2021. Though I almost stumbled on my first day, I was able to survive the bans until I graduated. I have surpassed plenty of hurdles along the way. This includes my application to the guild; the server overload issues a.k.a “Hell Week”; as well as Ban waves. But this August 9, I have decided to return the scholarship account after buying my 3rd Axie. I will definitely miss the first team that I have journeyed with. It was this team that started my journey in blockchain games after all.

Scholar Axie Team


Last week I reviewed the Plant-Aqua-Beast scholar team I have been using. As a brief recap the Axies I used had these skill cards:


plant jpg.jpgOctober Treat – Prickly Trap – Vegan Diet – Leek Leek


aqua jpg.jpgAqua Vitality – Risky Fish – Healing Aroma – Night Steal


beast jpg.jpgJuggling Balls – Piercing Sound – Prickly Trap – Luna Absorb

For the in-depth review check out the article: My Scholarship Team Analysis

My Achivements with the Scholarship Team

Even though two(2) of my Axies have non-synergistic skills, I was able to reach 1866+ MMR last Season 17. This rank was reached through mind games, proper planning, reading energy, counting cards and sheer luck. I was able to maintain 1700+ to 1800+ MMR until the server issues has made it impossible to maintain the focus and drive.

highest rank.jpg
Reaching 1900 MMR is super hard!

The PBA team was able to finish Ruins 21. It may have been hard for the team due to the lacking damage, I was able to complete the challenging ruin at level 21. Most would have finished it at level 17 but for me, being able to finish it was a big accomplishment.

ruins 21 proof.jpg
Ruins 21 was challenging but fun!

The total number of SLP that I have farmed amounted to 15,097 according to the “Ouchie Bot”. This means that I was able to farm around 3000 SLP every 2 weeks. Of course I did not own the team so I got 50% of the total amount of SLP.

slp farmed.png
Some were able to farm more SLP

The Last Battle I Played

This was the last battle I had before I surrendered my account. I was matched with a Plant-Reptile-Bird Team. I wanted to showcase myself defeating a Termi-reptile but I was not matched with one. This will show a glimpse of my play style which focused on Energy Manipulation.

The Last Rank that I have Reached

This Season 18 has just begun so have only reached 1500 MMR. Though it may have been short, I believe I did well to rank 80,000th out of the million players of Axie Infinity.

last rank mmr8_9_2021.pngReaching exactly 1500 MMR on my last day. Sweet!

My Thoughts and Preparation for the Next Journey

To be safe from bans, I made sure to double check the time of my last battle. I plan to use my own Axie after 24 hours. I decided to log out the scholarship account both in my android device as well as my computer. Then I cleared the cache of my Axie Infinity application. This will ensure that I am safe from being flagged as a Multi-account user. At the same time, I have reported to my manager what time I finished playing. This will ensure that the future scholar will be safe as well.

At first I thought it would take me 2 more weeks to buy my last Axie. Fortunately, Axie prices has lowered considerably in the morning. So I decided to buy an Axie after choosing the one that fit my needs and budget. I was feeling a bit lonely and excited to be honest. As they say, all party must come to an end. But at the same time I tell myself, I can party once again tommorow!

I wanted to stay as a scholar and be the manager at the same time, to let my brother use the Axies that I have bought. Unfortunately, my manager told me that there are others who are in need of scholarship as well. This has disappointed me a little but at the same time, I was also feeling excited at the prospect of finally having my own Axie. No more fear of not reaching the quota! No more fear of power outages that will cause me not to reach my quota! No more fear of storms that are capable to creating a very long power outage! Freedom!

Or not. I guess it is time to feel the responsibility of protecting my own assets. When I was a scholar, all I have to think of was playing every day and reaching my quota. I guess now I will feel the fear and risk of being an Axie Owner. It is time to invest in cold wallets!

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