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Ways of Losing

Losing is a very depressing matter. There are lots of forms of losing. It can be as simple as losing an object due to carelessness. Or it can be as harsh as losing a loved ones from the pandemic. But there are differences in these two types of example. One is temporary therefore it can be replaced while the other is priceless and precious.

In our case as players of Axie Infinity, there are also many forms of losing. The most direct one can be losing a match in Arena. While this is a normal occurrence, we cannot discount the fact that we are losing SLP as well as ranking which also affects our earning potential. Looking at it deeper, this can be seen in both positive and negative perspective. When we lose a match, we lose earnings which might be important for those who are in great need this time of pandemic. On the other hand, it could also be considered that we gained something in the form of a learning experience. Now this is another important battle within us. Do we use this learning experience to further improve our own skills or do we let it affect us psychologically which leads to more defeats. When we don’t try to improve, this can be considered as another way of losing. Aside from this there is one final way to lose in Axie Infiniy, which is by getting affected by negativity. Ever since the value of SLP kept dropping, a lot of players were losing their passion for the game. This lead to some drastic moves like selling their Axies when compounded with the FUD(fear, uncertainty and doubt) and negativity spread by other people.


Losing Streak

Yesterday, my friend told me that she had a lot of losses in Arena while she was feeling ill. I laughed at her and told her that she might just be a little unlucky that day. Little did I know of what was coming for me that day.

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12 out of 20 matches were losses. Feels bad man.

Arena ranking or the Match Making Ranking(MMR) has just reset that day. Since I started a new account at the start of the season, my MMR was reset to 1200MMR. I thought that winning will be so easy since I have reached 1800 MMR last season. But that was a big mistake.

It rained “DEFEATS” in my screen. It was so dull and gray just like my mood at that time. I was hoping for a gold screen aplenty but it seems that “hoping” was not enough. I tried thinking why I had a loose streak. After a couple of minutes of introspection, the reason hit me. I was complacent. I was arrogant. I did not count my energy and cards which means I relied on instincts and passion alone. It was not enough. So I rested. I knew that I had to do better. I knew that I was better than that. So I tried to stay positive. Jokingly, I told my friend, “Na-hawa ako…. ng lose streaks mo XD” which translates to “I got infected by your lose streaks XD” as if losing was like her cold. At least that got me a laugh. A win I guess? Afterwards I had to rewatch my matches. And boy it was cringy. I made a lot of obvious mistakes. At the same time, a lot of high MMR players also had their MMR reset(in my opinion) which might had led to my loses. Fuck poison and gravel ant. As a sidenote, I did not meet a lot of Terminator Axies at all, I wonder why.


Improving Results

I focused the next day. I tried exercising my body before playing to keep my mind in top condition. Like a Lion which will not underestimate a rabbit, I focused on my matches. Furthermore, I was matched with lots of Aqua Axies which I had advantage using a double reptile team. So I won a lot!

win 14small_x264_gif.gif
14 wins today! Yay!

Others are capable of doing more wins than this but I am more than satisfied with this results for now. At least I was able to reach 1400 MMR today. My next goal is to reach 1600 MMR. Maybe it is time to meet more Termi Axies already? Maybe they get affected by nerfs that will make them weaker? Maybe this will affect my Axies as well since I also use some cards from a Terminator Axie. Maybe this will mean another round of losses. But for me, this is just another hurdle to surpass. Or I'll just have to adjust my team. Money is power!(need more of this)


Useful Tips

As a matter of course, this article will not be complete without some tips which I had used to improve my PVP game. While it may not be applicable at all times, this has helped me last season as well(though I have not reached 2000 MMR sadly). But at least this will help you earn a stable SLP average!

  • Always count opponent’s energy – 3 energy is given at round 1. After that there will be 2 energy per round. Aside from that, one must be be aware of energy manipulation skills which can increase energy, destroy energy or steal opponent’s energy.
  • Remembering opponent’s attacks – Now this is the real challenge for me. Though I can remember a round or 2 worth of cards, it gets harder since it is also important to remember opponent’s energy.
  • Learn when to skip a round – Sometimes, aside from attacking, it is also important to know WHEN to pass a round. Counting energy and cards is very important here. It gives the player some idea what the opponent’s next move is. At the same time, it gives a rough estimate of the damage of the opponent.
  • Being Patient – This is one of my greatest problem. Whenever I see an opponent with energy stealing/destroying skills, I get paranoid. So I tend to use up all damage. Though it damages the opponent, it does not change the tide of the battle. At the same time, it helps my opponent read my moves.
  • Stretch the body and exercise – This may be the furthest thing from playing a game but this can help keep the mind focused. Playing Arena while feeling sleepy or slow, will also affect a person’s mindset. Only by focusing on the match will one be able to remember opponent’s energy and cards. At the same time it keeps the body healthy! Two birds with one stone!
  • Take a Break– Keeping the mind in constant alert and focused is tiring. Sometimes it is also important to relax. Just like a metal, when it gets too hard and brittle, it breaks. Just like our body! So relax, take a break or eat something. This is important when losing a lot. When people lose continuously, it tends to continue so might as well take a change of pace!


Ending Notes

Losing can be hard. But this also creates our character. Only through pushing forward can we continue to thrive and be stronger. So we should treat Arena matches like a forge while we are the ore. Matches will keep on pounding us down. Just like forging, it will remove impurities till we are the best we can be. But you know what? There are only two outcomes from this, either we become stronger or brittle. So which do you want to be?

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