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Double Reptile VS Double Aqua: Fish Buffet

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Here Comes A New Challenger!

The time has finally come for my team to dominate the lower ranks! While I was playing as a scholar, the account I used has always been bullied by double Aqua teams. Not going to happen anymore! Today I will be showcasing my double Reptile Axie team against Plant-Aqua-Aqua Axie team. I will show you (in a very low quality video) how my team dominates Aqua Axies!

At the same time, I will will showcase why Energy Manipulation(Energy steal and destroy) is very important to easily rank up. Energy manipulation is very important technique to use against Double Aqua Axie Teams. This kind of setup will try to save energy or generate energy using the skill Tail slap from Nimo tail part then burst the opponent after a few rounds. Adding energy gains from their Plant Axie makes this setup very easy to use for newer players of Axie Infinity. That is why I consider 1200 to 1400 MMR as an ocean. It is filled with so many Aqua Axies! I may have been bullied before but not anymore! Now this is an all-you-can-eat buffet for my Reptile Team!

---First Opponent---

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Team Name: Yami Mahou Mami Matoi

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This player is definitely a fan of the anime Black Clover due to his team name. This is a video clip of the said anime where those words were used. I rate this team name 6/10 due to the fact that his Axies are not black like the night(yami).

Tactic I used:

I try to steal energy at every opportunity. Round 1 is a definite time to try this since a lot of opponents skip round 1. I conserve energy because even if my opponent tries to steal my energy, I can steal it back since my Plant Tank is the slowest Axie. Using Hot Butt in round 1 allows me to conserve my energy on the second round since my opponent’s steal is disabled.

In the following rounds, my aim is to defeat opponent’s tank as quick as possible and try to pressure my opponent at every turn. Using Goda to destroy energy help mitigate any damage potential my opponent can deal. Since I know that my opponent has yet to use his skill Tail Slap, I use Goda the following turn. If the opponent were to skip the next round, it also reduces the amount of cards my opponent can use the following turn. You can now see how important energy manipulation against Aqua teams. It helps dictate the pacing and reduces enemy potential.

---Second Opponent---

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Team Name: MD20xx

enermy name 2.png

The team name confused me. I tried to google the name which led me to an expensive boat engine and barcode scanners. This person probably has a boat, a retail store or maybe both. I rate this team name 5/10, too cryptic for me.

Tactic I used:

I use the same tactic right at the very start, disable mouth and steal energy. The good thing is that my opponent uses carrot so I immediately gain an energy for the following round. Since my opponent has been very aggressive in the first round, it means that the opponent will try to pressure me by not conserving energy. He aims to use Tail Slap but my timing in using Goda has been quite lucky.

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Grenfunkel's Note

I am going to start posting gameplay videos while I try to seesaw up and down 1500mmr. Please bear with the low quality videos since I have a very slow internet to upload bigger sized video but at the same time I hope to keep the video quality to something that will display the battle.

Making a GIF thumbnail actually takes lots of time! First I made a GIF of my Axie which looks like it will eat then I animated each text boxes using powerpoint. This took me half of the time to create this article and video lol.

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