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Don't Fear the Terminator

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What is a Terminator Axie?


Meet the bully in the lands of Lunacia, Terminator Reptiles. This Axie composition has caused fear and terror to all players due to their consistent debuffs and damage. Some players even surrender after knowing they are matched against them. But me? I am NOT afraid! There are plenty of termi Axie users in the lower bracket that I have fought. Their playstyle is easy to read and predict after fighting them multiple times. But I do not discount the potential of terminator Axies. In the higher mmr rank, terminator Axie players tend to think more and play smartly making it more of a challenge to defeat them. Because of this, I feel euphoria whenever I defeat a terminator Axie. Defeating an expensive strong Axie team using my cheap cute Axie team? Double the happiness!

But what is a terminator Axie? Terminator axies are reptile Axies with the following skill set:

  • Mystic Rush - Lagging horn (Bug card)
  • Chomp - Tiny Turtle mouth (Reptile card)
  • Sticky Goo - Snail shell back (Bug card)
  • Allergic Reaction - Thorny Caterpillar (Bug card)


Terminator Axies are such a bug existence both literally and metaphorically. This is due to its consistent ability to deal debuffs and damage! This is the main reason why this composition is able to shut down a lot of players that usually rely on speed and burst damage. This is the reason why many players are afraid. But NOT me! Do you want to know my secret? Simple! All you need is a zero(0) energy card and a high damage Beast/Bug card. This is the main criteria when I chose my 2nd Axie.

To learn more, let's go right ahead in the gameplay video!

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--Plant/Beast/Reptile - Win--

While facing a terninator Axie, it is important to know the maximum shield of the opponent. Breaking this shield will inflict a stun debuff to my Axie when the opponent has used the skill Sticky Goo. Whenever I am faster than the opponent termi, I try to use a Incisor which has high damage so that could break the shield. Then I combo it with the zero energy card to remove the stun debuff. I follow that up with another incisor to ensure that my Axie is still faster than thw opponent terninator. Then I finish the opponent with the combo Allergic Reaction + Vine Dagger(0 energy) + Allergic Reaction.

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--Plant/Beast/Dusk - Win--

Now we have a variant of the usual Reptile Terminator. It has the same skill set but it has higher speed than reptile Terminators. At the same time, Dusk-Termi is more expensive than regular Reptile-termi(still expensive in my opinion).

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---Plant/Aqua/Reptile - Lose---

It's not always for one to win. Making small mistakes can pile and snowball leading a defeat. But losing does not mean the end, it only means that one has a chance to learn(unless you F-ed up badly).

As I have mentioned before, Terminator Axies are very formidable. Unless I have the upper hand or speed advantage, winning against a debuff-heavy composition is very hard to counter. Tiny turtle can deal damage and STUN. When an opponent is stunned, the next attack the Axie will recieve pass through the shield. This makes Tiny turtle as one of the most popular Reptile Axie skill to have.


Terminator Axies are powerful due to their stuns and slows. The combo slow and damage from this Axie has also inspired me to use the skills Incisor and Allergic Reaction. Though termi Axie may be strong, it is still possible to defeat them using your wits and more money the right skillset.

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