Choosing My 3rd Axie: Mistake and Redemption

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Choosing my 3rd Axie: Mistake and Redemption


I Borrowed Money!

Two weeks after buying my 2nd Axie, my brother decided to invest some cash to me so that I could buy my 3rd and final Axie. Finally, I was able to complete my team! Sadly, due to my haste and stupidity, I chose wrongly. The skills were not synergized with the Axies other skills as well as its stats.

I tried to make it work. It was some somewhat fun to use but most of the time, it was frustrating due to the conflicts of effects of certain skills. So I decided to replace it. :(

I sold the Axie at the same price of 400$. Of course I made some losses due to marketplace fees. But changing Axie has been worth it. My ranking has improved from constant 1200MMR to 1500MMR in a single day. I feel sad and happy at the same time after replacing my 3rd Axie. This is due to the fact that I replaced a 0 breed cost Axie to a 2 breed cost. It seems that it will cost me more to make another team for my brother. But at the same time, I am happy because I have an Axie that is durable and capable of Energy Manipulation.

With all of this said and done, finally I can now consider myself as a true Axie Infinity Scholar Graduate!


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My Previous Choice as 3rd Axie

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This is a Reptile Axie with Unko, Kotaro, Goldfish and Tiny Dino parts. I was looking for an Axie that will help me bypass the tank to kill mid-liner or back-liner Axies of my opponent so I thought to use Unko due to its defense and Stench debuff. Aside from this I chose Kotaro to gain energy from Aqua Axie. Last but not least, it has Tiny Dino which deals massive damage after round 4.

Unfortunately, I was too hasty and forgot all about the effect of Goldfish and it synergy with my other skills. The skill increased my speed massively, outperforming Aqua Axie in the speed department. But this is not good for the skill Kotaro. At the same time, it lacks the defense that I was looking for a Reptile Axie.

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As a mid-liner, the skill Tiny Dino did not make things any easier. Most of the time, my Plant Tank Axie will be down after round 3. This means that the skill Tiny Dino cannot deal increased damage. Replacing the Axie to my other Reptile Axie was ineffective as well due to the laters lack of defenses that I am looking for a mid-liner.

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My Final Choice!

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This reptile was chose with Energy Manipulation and Durability in mind so I searched for Goda and Bulkwark specifically. It is of great coincidence and boon that the Axie has Incisor and Snake Jar. Both skills are perfect for this mid-liner Axie. I will explain further later on.


stats 3rd.png

No Balloon genes? Check!
No Weak Defense genes? Check!
Useful Recessive 1 and Recessive 2 Genes? Check!

Even though this a Axie has 2/7 Breed count, I still think that breeding this with my previous Axie will create another batch of powerful Axie. So I decided to grit my teeth and purchased it anyway. Having Tiny Turle and Tri Spikes genes might create an offspring with the said skills! But I do hope to get Goda in my further breeds due to Energy Manipulation’s importance in every battle.

2of7 bc.png

Skills Explained

As I have already explained Incisor in my previous post about my 2nd Axie, I will skip this now. For its mouth part, Piercing Sound from Goda mouth is one of my top priority. When I used the Unko Reptile, I noticed that having no energy manipulation lets my opponents to freely store energy as well as burst down my Axies in the end of each battle. Energy Manipulation is key to changing the pace of the battle. Aside from that it has a nice 80 damage and 40 shield. This makes this skill a 10/10 choice for me! If I were to rate its looks, I give it 10/10. Pouting mouth in a solid/durable body? This is contrast! This is moe~

Beast Part: Goda


Next up is Jar Barrage from Snake Jar tail part. Now this skill looks deceiving with its 20 shield. But! This skills makes the Axie all the more durable and increases its survivability against burst damages. When used together with the skill Bulkwark, Beasts have to be careful when to use their Ronin+Imp Combo. Jar Barrage also has decent damage of 90 which cannot be ignored. I rate this skill 10/10 since it is one of the best skills for a Mid-line Axie with its role of buying time and changing the pace of the battle. Enemies are forced to use 2 cards to kill this Axie instead of one! Think of that! If I were to rate its looks, I give it 10/10. The tail meshes well with the color and image of a Reptile Axie. The Jar and Turtle shell makes this Axie all the more durable and solid.

snake jar.png
Reptile Part: Snake Jar


Lastly, I will share about one of my priority skills that was looking for, Bulkwark from Indian Star back part. High shield of 80? Check! Reflects 40% melee damage? Yes please! Durable and solid looks? Plus points! Do I still have to explain further? 10/10 for defense and utility, 10/10 for looks. This is a very good skill against Beasts as well.

Reptile Part: Bulkwark

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The most important I have learned from choosing my first to third Axie is that one must not be hasty. Making proper research is important especially now that the game has focused more on the PVP side of the battle. Though I made this mistake it is also good to that I was able to remedy this by using more money buying a better Axie. As a side note, I hope that scholars would also save up SLP so that one day they will also have their own Axie Team. If you ever plan to buy your own Axie, it is nice to have opinions from your friends! I have always thought that 2 months of playing was enough for me to act like a total pro. I am not! I made a mistake but the good thing is that I have learned something new. If you need help, you can jump in the Axie Buzz Discord Server to find great people to help you, like me!

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