Choosing my 2nd Axie || Axie Infinity


Choosing my 2nd Axie || Axie Infinity


In my previous post, I decided to create a post about my second and last Axie. Sadly, I made a mistake with my third Axie. So I decided to split the post into 2 articles since it would be quite long. Find out what happened in my next article: My 3rd axie and my stupid mistake.

Due to the relatively high value of SLP while the market price of Axie was also going down, I decided to pick my next Axie. At the same time, some of my fellow scholars in the guild were removed as scholar since their managers decided to sell their Axies. So I decided to make sure that I have a team before that happens to me as well.

My Requirement

Based on my experience while playing as a scholar, I was matched with Plant-Aqua-Aqua Teams 40% of the time. Double Aqua teams have a high chance of winning against my previous Aqua-Beast-Plant Team. They are capable of dishing out tons of damage while having fast speed and high health. So I will have to choose on an Axie that is durable, has some damage, and looks cool! Third requirement is very important. Aside from these requirements, I need an Axie that is within my limited budget.

Another requirements that I was looking for my next Axie are low breed count as well as 60-70% purity of genes. The genes also has to be useful if mutations ever appear on the of offsprings, since I plan to breed the Axie. The third Axie will be of the same class.

The role of my 2rd Axie is a damage dealer at the backline. I wanted it to be able to deal damage against Plant Tank Axies but also able to win against faster Axies. Another possible backline Axie I was thinking of was another plant tank Axie. What started as a joke turned out to be quite formidable with massive health, shields and heals. The problem is that it takes lots of time for every battle to finish while waiting for Bloodmoon Curse. I might create a build like that in the future when I am already capable of breeding my own Axie.

To get a recap on how to choose you Axie and how to use the Axie Infinity Marketplace, read the previous post: Buying My First Axie

My Choice

2nd axiegif.gif

Introducing my 2nd lovely Axie! I wanted to look for a scary and mean looking Reptile but Grisly looking with a hint of adorableness due to its eyes and mouth is also a charm point.


2nd genes.png

It has Tri Spikes and Tiny Turtle in its recessive genes! Now I only need to look for a partner that can produce an offspring with those skills.


2nd stats.png

It has quite a speedy reptile due to its 2 Aqua Axie parts. It has its own pros and cons. This is a good thing against Beasts Axies so that I could easily defeat them before getting nuked. But Bird Axies with Darkswoop Skill will definitely target my Axie given the chance.


Disarm - Incisor


One of the most important card/part that I chose was Disarm from the Incisor horn part. It can deal a significant amount of damage(100) plus it has a good amount of shield (40). But most importantly, it is capable of dealing a debuff called slow which reduces 15% of the opponent's speed. Using 2 of these cards at the right moment can slow down faster Axies like Aqua and Bird Axies to turn around the battle the next round. Paired with the skill Allergic reaction is the main purpose of this skill.

Aside from this skill, I have also thought of Surprise Invasion from Cerastes horn. It is capable of dealing massive damage against faster opponents. Another popular option would be the skill Mystic Rush from the Lagging horn part. It is capable of slowing the enemy at 0 energy cost. It is a skill that can be paired quite well with the Tiny Turtle mouth part as well as the Tri Spikes back part.

I rate the skill Disarm, 10/10. This is a really excellent skill. In terms of looks, I rate it 10/10 as well due to its fierce look that seems unstoppable.




Allergic Reaction – Thorny Caterpillar

thorny caterpillar.png

As I have mentioned earlier, I have paired the Incisor horn with the Allergic Reaction card from the Thorny Caterpillar tail part. Aside from the 105 damage it can deal, using it against an opponent with debuff will increase the damage by 30%. Aside fron that, this is a bug class card so it will be able to deal more damage against plant tank Axies. Unfortunately, this skill only has 30 shield which is a far cry from my requirement of a durable Axie.

An alternative could Tiny Swing card from Tiny Dino tail part due to its increase damage after round 4. Another one that I tried searching for is the skill Numbing Laceration from the Gravel Ant part due to its ability to disable melee attacks. Numbing Laceration could completely shut down termi-reptile teams which is the current Meta composition. However, due to my limited funds, I was unable to purchase one with such skill.

I rate this skill 8/10. Though it has a high damage, it requires a Team to have Debuffs. As I plan to breed this Axie in the future, it would be a great loss if the offspring lacks Incisor. In terms of looks, I rate this skill 9/10. I wish the color changed as well from green to purple so that the color blended well with the Axie. But it gives of the grisly and intimidating look which is complimentary with the Incisor part.


gravel ant.png

tiny swing.png

Vine Dagger – Green Thorns

vine dagger.png

For the back part, I went with the Vine Dager from the Green Thorns part. It is a 0 energy card that gives a little damage and shield. Its main purpose is to add a little more defense during the end game as well as to remove stuns from termi-reptile Axie.

I would have preferred the skill Bidens or Mint due to its higher shield but it is out of my budget. Some really good back skills I wanted are Spike Throw(but paired with Lagging horn), Bulkwark(for the counter attacks and shields), as well as Bone Sail(High Damage and Shield). But once again, I am limited by my funds.

I rate this skill 6/10. This skill is best paired with skills that require comboing 3 cards. It would have been a useful skill paired with Tiny Turtle to always deal stuns. It has some shields which is useful but the skill Bidens could have given more utility. I rate its looks at 7/10. It adds to the theme of wild intimidating reptile.



tri spikes.png


Swallow - Catfish


The mouth skill I got was Swallow from the Catfish mouth part. I decided to push through with this build despite the low defense due to the heal it has.

Sadly, I would have preferred the skill Chomp from Tiny Turtle part since it would work well with my Vine Dagger skill. The skill Swallow will also be useful if I decide to push the battle into the Bloodmoon Curse. The healing sustain plus the extra defense from Vine Dagger is more than enough to turn around a battle if paired with Incisor as well. Aside from Chomp, another alternative skill is Kotaro. It can gain energy whenever it is used against a faster Axie However this skill requires a slow Axie preferably 39 speed for Reptiles so that it could take effect against pure beasts as well.

I would rate this skill 7/10 due to its moderate damage and heals. Minus points are due to its low shield. Being an aqua Axie part makes the Axie faster as well which is a plus point against beast Axies. Sadly for looks, I give this skill 6/10. It does not make the Axie look intimidating enough. It is more of the funny and adorable kind of look which is in the opposite direction of my current theme.


tiny turtle.png


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