My Best Arena Sesh Ever - Daily Quest - Axie Infinity

Ese día fue increíble ya que gane 5 batallas en arena consecutivas, es la primera ves que me pasa que termine las batallas de arena en 18 minutos. En general siento que tengo buenos axies solo me hace falta tener mas estrategia a la hora de los combos ya que mucho de ellos aplicándolos de la forma correcta siempre dan critical.

That day was incredible as I won 5 consecutive arena battles, it is the first time it happened to me that I finished the arena battles in 18 minutes. In general, I feel that I have good axies, I just need to have more strategy when it comes to combos since many of them, applying them in the correct way, always give critical.

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arena 17 sept.JPG

I hope you enjoy my daily sand and adventure sessions which I will be uploading in Youtube and Hive.

Thank you for being part of this project called "Axie Infinity Mx".



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